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How Much Does Paramount Cost?

There are so many streaming services these days that it’s really hard for new competitors coming in to try and capture the market share of the on-demand video streaming industry: Netflix, Hulu, Discovery Plus, Disney Plus, Peacock, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, etc.

So, having more than one would just become a huge expense.

But now with Together Price, you can share your subscription costs.

For example, Paramount Plus costs $4.99 a month and lets you stream on 3 devices at the same time. Sharing on Together Price would mean you’d only pay $1.66 a month. That’s more than 66% less!


Is Paramount Plus free?
How much does Paramount Plus Cost Per Month?
How to Save on Paramount Plus Costs?
What is Together Price?
Becoming an Admin
Becoming a Joiner
Summing Up

Is Paramount Plus Free?

Free Paramount would be the dream. Unfortunately, Paramount Plus is not free; however, they offer a seven-day free trial by going onto their website or downloading the app on iOS and Android.

Watch Paramount Plus with their ad-supported Essential plan or ad-free Premium plan.

This exclusive streaming service has the Smithsonian channel, the SpongeBob movie and more.

The essential ad-supported plan doesn’t give you access to your local CBS station, or CBS Sports.

The Premium no ads plan lets you stream movies and series ad-free and local CBS affiliate stations which do contain some commercial and live news breaks.

Paramount Plus works with the following devices: Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Apple TV (4th generation), Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and Paramount+ VR.

How much does Paramount Plus Cost Per Month?

The Paramount subscription price varies depending on the package you choose.

The cheaper Paramount Plus Essential plan costs $4.99 per month (get the annual plan and save 16%), and the Paramount Plus Premium plan costs $9.99 per month (also save 16% if paid annually).

Paramount Plus also offers the Paramount Channel on Amazon TV and through Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast at no additional charge to Paramount+ subscribers as long as you are a Paramount+ subscriber of any type.

You can also sign up for a Paramount Plus free trial through Amazon Prime Video if you are an Amazon Prime member. Just go to your Amazon Prime account.

How to Save on Paramount Plus Costs?

I highly recommend taking the 7-day trial to see if you really like the content Paramount+ has to offer. They have a very generous cancellation policy.

If you cancel your Paramount subscription before the 7-day trial period ends Paramount will refund the entire cost of your subscription.

Costs can easily add up if you have multiple subscriptions to other on-demand streaming services.

If you’re looking to save on your monthly streaming costs, go to Together Price.

What is Together Price?

Together Price is an online site that lets you save money by sharing accounts.

In this day and age, streaming services might look cheap, but they seem expensive after paying for them all. That is why sharing your accounts or joining others’ accounts only paying a fraction of the actual price is a great solution.

Together Price is the world’s first legal account-sharing site. We connect consumers in a secure social network.

Together Price users can enjoy:

  • A Trusted Network based on high levels of control and reliability that can measure the credibility of every user.

  • The Tpassword System for the safety and security of your credentials.

  • One Digital Wallet to keep all your payments under control. We use Stripe as the payment system so that all your payment details remain hidden from other users. Stripe also has a strict anti-fraud data protection system.

  • An exclusively dedicated chat line where you can communicate with other users.

  • All transactions take place in a safe environment with an SSL security certificate.

Not to mention our 25-day cooling-off period, so that if on the off chance you do face issues from another user, you can always get your money back.

Already more than a million people are using Together Price and sharing accounts.

All you have to do is decide whether you want to become an Admin or a Joiner.

Becoming an Admin

You can use Together Price as an ADMIN if you have a subscription with free slots. That way you can share it with others and save money. Follow the steps below:

  • Create an account on Together Price. It’s free!

  • Fill in your details.

  • Create a sharing group by clicking ‘Create Group’.

  • Accept requests to join your group and receive payments.

You will not miss another payment date again!

Becoming a Joiner

You can also use Together Price as a JOINER if you don’t have a subscription but are interested in using someone else’s. Follow these simple steps below:

  • Sign up to Together Price. It’s free.

  • Search for the service you are interested in joining.

  • Send the request to join and pay your part of the subscription.

With Together Price, you share and save while we sort out the rest!

What is Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is a leading digital publisher and one of the latest on-demand video streaming platforms released in the first quarter of 2021.

Their streaming library is full of classic TV shows and movies from Paramount Pictures, ViacomCBS, and their many subsidiaries: CBS, BET, MTV, Comedy Central, ET, Nickelodeon, Sports HQ, and various others.

They are working hard to distinguish themselves from the other on-demand video streaming sites by focusing on original content and live channels that people want and can not get anywhere else.

Another great thing about Paramount Plus is that all of its titles are not licensed and are all owned by the company.

That means there are no licensing fees so the customer doesn’t need to worry whether or not a TV Show or Movie will disappear at the end of the month.

What to watch on Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus offers both movies, classic shows, and live sports such as professional wrestling, UEFA Champions League (through separate live feeds), National Women’s Soccer League, your local, live CBS station and CBS all access.

The Paramount network includes all Paramount Pictures movies and series like Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Love Island USA, Women Kill, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and South Park: Post Covid, among other original movies and many others.

Paramount Plus also has MTV, Nickelodeon, BET, Comedy Central and the Smithsonian Channel.

Does Paramount Plus have 4K Streaming?

Paramount+ does have 4K streaming, but the thing to remember is that you’ll need a 4K TV with a high-speed Internet to take advantage of the HI-Def streaming.

If you don’t it’s not a deal-breaker because 1080p should be more than sufficient quality.

Summing Up

Whether you want to watch Comedy Central, Star Trek or the NFL games, choose to share your subscription costs safely and securely on Together Price. Saving is in everyone’s best interest after all!