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What Does ‘No Caller ID’ Mean on Any Phone

Mobile phones have made getting in touch with people easier. With the tap of a button, you can call and talk to someone instantly. However, the flip side of this is you might not always know the person on the other end of the line, especially if it’s only displaying no caller ID on your device. But what does “No Caller ID” mean on a phone? Let’s find out.

What Does ‘No Caller ID’ Mean on Any Phone?

Simply put, no caller ID on any device means the person calling you does not wish to share their information with you. So, is no caller ID similar to unknown callers since they both don’t display caller numbers? And does no caller ID mean they are in your contacts? Keep reading to find out.

No Caller ID vs. Unknown Caller: What’s the Difference

While having no caller ID or being an unknown caller might sound the same, they’re different. Fundamentally, a caller with no caller ID means that that person has deliberately blocked their number from displaying. This might be a regular caller or a reputed organization, like government agencies, who don’t wish for their number to be made known. These can also be scammers or pranksters.

Show my caller ID on iPhone

Unknown callers, on the other hand, are users who have not deliberately blocked their information. However, this information was not recognized by your provider, causing it to show up as an unknown caller instead of the caller’s information. This is also one of the reasons why it is easier to unmask unknown callers than callers with no caller IDs.

How to Block Unwanted Calls

Now that we know the difference between unknown callers and no-caller IDs, it is time to have a look at how to block calls from them both. Because while unknown callers can be legit, there’s also a chance they might be spam. And if these calls become recurrent, you can use your device’s features to block unwanted calls.

Block unwanted calls on iPhone
Block unwanted calls on Android

To do this, go into Settings and depending on your device, locate call settings and turn on spam and caller ID protection or toggle on to silence unknown callers.

For a more detailed explanation, check out our guides on how to block spam and unknown callers on Android and iPhone respectively.

How to Unmask No Caller ID or an Unknown Caller

While blocking calls with no caller IDs might sound like a good option, it might not always be the most feasible one. For one, this might inadvertently end up blocking calls from recruiters, banks, government institutions, etc. To prevent this from happening, there are a few ways you can use to unmask numbers with no caller ID.

Let’s have a brief look at them all.

1. Using *57 Code

The first and foremost way of trying to find a no caller ID number is by using the *57 code. Using your mobile’s keypad, dial this code. This will then trigger an immediate request to your mobile carrier for tracing this number.

Although, for certain carriers, this service is paid and you might be charged once you place the call. Moreover, the results of this search might not be sent to you and instead be reported to the authorities. Further course of action will be decided by them accordingly.

Using *57 Code
Using the Device’s Caller ID

2. Using the Device’s Caller ID

In the spirit of making mobile devices more secure, certain mobile companies have set up their safeguards. One of these is in-built caller IDs. From Google’s native ‘Caller ID and spam protection’ to Samsung using Hiya’s database to provide caller ID information.

Similarly, you can also turn on ‘Call Blocking & Identification’ from your iPhone settings to allow your device to identify callers. Although, this might require you to install a third-party caller ID app.

3. Using Third-Party Apps

One of the most popular ways to find a no-caller ID number, third-party apps are usually reliable and can work well even without a subscription. You can easily choose from several popular apps like Truecaller and TrapCall to track and unmask no-caller IDs or unknown callers.

Although, for privacy protection, services like Truecaller offer users the option of unlisting their numbers. If this is done, identifying callers might become tricky.

Using Third-Party Apps
Contacting Mobile Carrier

4. Contact Mobile Carrier

If you have been receiving repeated anonymous calls, get in touch with your mobile carrier and report this instance. You can also note the date and time that you received the call on for more clarity. Additionally, the sooner you get in touch with your mobile carrier, the better it would be for them to assist you.

This is especially recommended if those unknown calls are of a threatening nature. The mobile carrier company can then get in touch with law enforcement, if required, to help you resolve this issue.

FAQs Related to ”No Caller ID” on Phones

Finding Caller ID

While we might not be able to completely stop them from hiding, we hope that this article helped you understand a little more about what “No Caller ID” means on any phone. And thanks to the advanced filters, you can also consider blocking text messages from unknown numbers and save yourself from the hassle of deleting them, one by one.