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How to charge a phone with a broken charger port?

A smartphone is an indispensable device which simplifies human life and our everyday tasks. Thus, when your phone ceases to charge, it’s a great problem which requires the fastest solution. So users often turn to Howly asking “My charger port is broken: how to charge the battery?” Indeed, buying a new phone sounds frustrating if you’re short on cash. Moreover, why waste money if the problem can be fixed?

In this guide, we puzzle out the issue in detail and offer easy ways to charge a phone battery with a broken charger port. Chances are you’ve already faced similar problems in the past, but this in no case means the solution will be the same this time. For instance, charging cable and port breakdowns have different fixes, and thus, must be approached correspondingly. Howly will help you identify your problem and repair it promptly.

Broken charger port: main signs

There’s a whole lot of problems that may affect the process of charging your device. And knowing what your issue is, you’ll manage to find the best method to charge your phone when the charger port is broken.

  • The charging slot may get loose. It’s better to fix such issues right away since the slightest delay will lead to even more damage.
  • Damaged or bent contacts inside the port may also prevent your phone from charging. This problem is traditionally more tricky to diagnose since you have to disassemble the device to check its components.
  • Damaged charging port issues are often caused by the debris. Yes, such a seemingly minor problem can lead to charging failures, preventing contacts from working properly. So, check the port for debris and clean it carefully.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that while charging your phone when the charge port is broken is still possible, you should treat this task seriously and responsibly. After all, haste and ill-considered actions may cause irreparable harm and make your device hopelessly broken. So it’s better to be as careful as possible and don’t hesitate to contact Howly if you need instant expert help with phone charging port repair.

Is my charger port broken, or do I just need to check the cable?

Broken or damaged USB cables are the most widespread reason for charging issues. Indeed, the wires are fragile and prone to fractures and other breakdowns. So users often wonder “how do I know if my charger port is damaged or maybe I just need to switch cables?”

The easiest way to identify the true cause of your problem is to check how the battery will top up with another cable. If your device still refuses to charge, check your adapter to exclude the damaged charger port issue. So, connect another adapter to your USB cable or try your charging accessories with a different phone.

Charger port or battery: what to check next?

If your smartphone has served you long enough, its battery may be faulty. After all, the performance of all device components deteriorates as time passes. In this case, it’s best to seek professional help to know for sure where the problem lies. Since Howly techs are well-versed in charger port repair, it’s your win-win option to fix things with no hassle. Rest assured, our experts will determine the culprit of your charging issue as quickly as possible.

There’s also one easy solution to try out right away and explore whether the battery or cell phone charging port is broken – monitor the performance of your battery. Are there any charging interruptions? Is it draining fast? Or maybe it takes too long for your device to charge? If you answer yes to at least one of these questions, chances are it’s your battery to blame for charging issues.

How to charge a phone without a charger port?

A phone charger port breakage is probably the worst thing that may happen to you ahead of an important meeting or just when you need to keep in touch. Fortunately, the problem has a solution. All that is required is to pick an appropriate method and follow the guidelines. In addition, this is a great way to save money on fixing the broken charging port in a service center. But still, bear in mind that the presented solutions are temporal. And when you’ll have such an opportunity, contact tech specialists to repair your device reliably. The more so that if the port is desperately damaged, you can’t do without its replacement. Now, let’s explore how to charge your phone when your charger is broken.

Charge phone without charger port: popular methods

Make a DIY repair of your charging port. It’s the quickest, easiest, and most widespread solution to fix a broken charger port. It happens that the USB connectors and charging slots fail to make good contact due to a production defect or continuous cable replugging. It doesn’t matter if you have a broken charger port on an Android or Apple phone, the outlined guidelines will fit any device.

  1. First of all, clean the charger port. Grab a flashlight and a regular hairpin or toothpick to get rid of the debris stuck inside the slot.
  2. Shut down your phone. If the battery is removable, take it out.
  3. Inspect the tabs located in the USB port and rearrange them using a small stick if there’s such a need.
  4. Inspect the charging pins and align them carefully.
  5. Put the battery back.
  6. Turn on the phone and try charging it.

Use AAA or AA batteries to fix your charger port. This solution may serve you well if your battery is removable or if you at least know how to open the phone case and take it off. It’ll take you some time to fix a charger that is broken following the below-listed instructions, but it’s definitely worth trying.

  1. Take off the battery from your phone and look for its connection point (three metal terminals).
  2. Take AA/AAA or 9V batteries (better alkaline).
  3. Identify the negative and positive terminals on your batteries – they’ll be marked with “+” for the positive and “-” for the negative terminal correspondingly.
  4. Ensure that all your batteries have the identical voltage.
  5. Determine how many batteries you’ll need to power your phone. The voltage of a traditional phone battery is usually equal to 3.7V DC, while one AAA or AA-type battery is about 1.2V – 1.5V. Therefore, you’ll need three batteries to power the phone.
  6. Cover two copper wires with plastic insulation and tape the batteries together (in a row).
  7. Tape both sides of the wires to battery terminals as demonstrated in the picture below.
  8. Wait for a while – the longer, the better. Of course, you won’t charge your battery to the fullest using this method, but still, it’s an alternative solution which may help you power your device due to a small part of the current your battery receives.
  9. Disassemble this ingenious construction and put the battery back into your device
  10. Turn on the phone and check its charge level. Can it fix a broken charger port? No. However, it may be a wonderful solution in case you have no other option to charge your phone.

Charge your device directly from the power grid (only for those knowledgeable about the work with electric cables). If your phone charging port is broken, you have an opportunity to power it directly through the electricity network. Thus, the device will keep charging, bypassing the faulty port, and the contacts will be connected right to the battery terminals. To implement this solution, you should consider these steps:

  1. Remove the battery from the slot.
  2. Cut off the charging plug from the USB cable to reveal the core insulation.
  3. Now strip and carefully process each wire.
  4. Connect the ends of the wires to the battery terminals – keep in mind their polarity.
  5. Make sure the connection is secure and plug the charger into an outlet.
  6. Wait until the battery is charged and disconnect it.

If you have no experience working with electric cables, implementation of this solution may be dangerous for both you and your device. Hence, the next option will fit you better.

Fix a broken charger using special equipment. It’s about a well-known “frog” – a universal device that interacts with all phone batteries perfectly well. The greatest thing lies in its usability. Indeed, it’s extremely easy to power your device with its help if you have a broken phone charger. All that is needed is to insert the battery into the “frog”, and the device will start charging it immediately. At the same time, the duration of the process depends on the capacity and type of the battery. Another advantage of this simple device is its compactness – the “frog” fits in the pocket, so you can charge the phone if the charging port is not working anytime and anywhere.

If the presented solutions didn’t help, fix a broken charger port or explore alternative charging options with Howly experts.

How experts can help you with a damaged charging port

My charging port is broken – a common user request Howly experts deal with. While some customers are seeking emergency ways to charge their phones, others keep looking for easy DIY solutions to repair the breakage. And highly-qualified Howly techs know the best ways out of any situation. They can suggest instant methods to fix your iPhone or Android charging port irrespective of your device brand. Are you in an emergency and your battery’s out? Don’t worry! Our specialists will offer you the quickest option to charge the phone with a broken port. So whenever you need help, you’ll get it right away!