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How To Connect PS5 Controller To PS5 [Step By Step]

One thing that an avid gamer should know by heart is the quick process of how to pair a PS5 controller to a PS5. Whether you use a USB cable or want to connect it wirelessly, we’ve got you covered.

How To Connect PS5 Controller

There are also some easy-to-follow steps when you want to troubleshoot and fix connection problems when using your PS5 controller.

Why Doesn’t Your PS5 controller Connect To PS5?

Why PS5 Controller Doesn’t Connect
  • Different Device Is Synced. Your controller will become unpaired from your PS5 if you pair it with a computer or another console. So make sure it is not connected to another device.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity Issues. Other objects and nearby Bluetooth devices can obstruct the wireless signal.
  • USB-C Cable Issues. It’s possible that you’re using the wrong kind of cable or that it’s broken. Just make a visual examination to find out if this could be your problem.
  • USB Port Issues. The sockets on the controller and console may be dusty or broken. This problem is quite often with old controllers or if you are used to placing your controller in a dusty location.
  • Hardware Issues. For instance, the battery or Bluetooth sensor could not work correctly. If you have this problem, I’m afraid you might need to replace your controller.
  • Outdated Or Faulty Firmware. Your PS5 could experience a wide range of issues if the system software is obsolete.

How To Connect PS5 Controller To PS5

Steps - How To Connect PS5 Controller?

Follow these steps to pair ps5 controllers to the PS5 Console with a cable:

Step 1: Turn On Your PS5 Console.

Turn on the PS5 console

Step 2: Connect The Controller Using A USB Cable.

The USB-A end goes into the console. The USB-C end goes into the controller via the port at the top of your controller.

Connect Controller Using USB

Step 3: Press The PS Button To Turn On The Controller.

By performing this operation, the DualSense will be recognized by the PS5, and the initial setup will start. Your PS5 controller is now linked, and depending on your use case, you will be asked to choose an existing user or create a new one.

Press PS Button

Step 4: Charge The Controller Until It Has Enough Power.

Charge Controller

Step 5: Disconnect Your USB Cable And Use It Wirelessly.

Disconnect USB Cable

And that’s it! Now you know how to connect PS5 Controllers to PS5 Consoles.

How To Pair PS5 Controller To PS5 Wirelessly [Without USB Cable]

Pair PS5 Controller Wirelessly

It is possible to pair your PS5 controller wirelessly with just a few steps as long as you have already one controller connected to your console.

If you don’t have any other controller connected to the console then you’ll need to use the cable as we previou above.

Before connecting your wireless controller, make sure that the new controller has enough battery and is not connected to any other device. Learn how to check your PS5 controller’s battery.

Step 1. Connect Another Controller.

This controller is necessary to select on the screen the new PS5 Controller Device paired wirelessly.

Connect Another Controller.

Did you know you can also use PS5 controllers on the PS4?

Step 2. Go To The “Settings” Menu.

Settings Menu

Step 3. Select The “Accessories” Tab.

Accessories Tab

Step 4. In the “General” Tab, Select “Bluetooth Accessories”.

Here you will see a list of all the available Bluetooth devices. Right now your new controller might not appear yet.

Bluetooth Accessories

Step 5. Press & Hold the “Share” and “PlayStation” Buttons

On the controller you want to pair, press and hold simultaneously for 5 seconds the “Share” and “PlayStation” buttons.

Your controller will then pulse with blue light until it can make a connection. Then it will appear on the screen.

Press Share and PS Buttons

Step 6. Choose The New Controller With Your Previously Connected Controller.

Just scroll down and press “X” to select your new controller.

Select New Controller

With these few simple steps, you will have successfully connected your PS5 controller wirelessly, and you can enjoy the gaming experience from the comfort of your sofa.

PS5 Controller Won’t Connect To PS5 [How To Fix It]

Fix 1: Reset Your PS5 Console.

Reset PS5 Console

Hold the power button until there are no lights on the indicators to make sure it’s turned off, and unplug the power cord.

Plug the power cord back in after about two minutes, then connect your PS5 controller via the USB cable correctly and see if it connects.

Learn how to reset your PS5 controller too in case you have issues with it.

Fix 2: Reset Your PS5 Controller.

Reset PS5 controller

The PS5 controller can be reset using a small pin. There is a tiny hole in the controller’s rear. Insert the pin and hold it down for approximately 5 seconds.

Fix 3: Forget Your Controller In The Console.

Forget PS5 Console

A second PS5 controller can be used to remove the controller from the PS5 by heading to settings, selecting accessories, Bluetooth Accessories, and Forget Your Controller. You can then try to connect the controller again and see if it connects.

Learn how to clean your PS5 controller so it can last longer and be more precise.

Why Is My PS5 Flashing Blue and Not Connecting?

PS5 Flashing But Not connected

Your PS5 may be flashing blue and not connecting due to a problem in the console or the controller itself. The controller flashes blue while trying to pair with the console. If the blue flashing doesn’t stop, there must be an issue with the connection.

The console may not be supporting connection due to:

  • Outdated software of the console or controller or both.
  • Controller and console incompatibility.
  • Faulty USB cables.
  • Interferences in the Bluetooth connection.

Fix 1: Update The Console And Controller Software.

Update PS5 Console Software

To check updates for your console, follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Connect the PS5 to the Internet.
  • Step 2. Look under “Settings” for “System”
  • Step 3. Select “System Software Update and Settings”
  • Step 4. Click “Update System Software” if an update is available.
  • Step 5. Wait for the update to be completed before determining if the problem has been fixed or not.

Fix 2: Reset the Paired Connection.

Reset Connection

You can reset the connection by turning off both your PS5 and controller, then turning them back on after about 2 minutes.

Fix 3: Reset The PS5 Controller.

Reset PS5 Controller

The PS5 controller should be disconnected before performing this fix. These are the steps to follow to reset your controller:

  • Step 1. Hold down the PS button for a few seconds to turn off the controller.
  • Step 2. Use a safety pin or needle to find the reset button on the controller’s rear.
  • Step 3. Using the chosen tool, press the reset button for five seconds.
  • Step 4. Check to see if the issue is still present by turning on the controller.

Fix 4: Troubleshoot Bluetooth Connectivity.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The controller’s blue light may flash due to a weak connection between the console and Bluetooth device. Connect the controller to the PS5 using a USB connector to see if the Bluetooth connection is the problem. The Bluetooth circuit is broken if using a USB cable has made the blue light stop flashing.

Fix 5. Ensure That Your Controller Is Compatible

You check if your controller is compatible with your PS5 console by reading the manufacturer’s manual or contacting PlayStation customer support.

How Many PS5 Controllers Can You Connect To PS5?

The number of PS5 controllers you can connect to PS5 is limited to “4”. Please be aware that your controller can only be paired with one PS5 system at one moment. You must pair your controller with that console to utilize it on another one.

Up to 4 controllers can be used concurrently. Each player receives a color when the PS button is pressed.


Now you’ve learned how to easily pair your PS5 controller to PS5 and boost your gaming experience.

We’ve uncovered what are the main problems when trying to connect your PS5 controller with your Playstation, so make sure to check them out to avoid those mistakes in the first place.

As long as the controller and the console are compatible, it takes only a few seconds for you to connect your PS5 controller to PS5.

If after following the steps detailed in this guide you are not able to connect your controller with the PS5, then your controller is most likely broken or malfunctioning.


  • Dualsense Wireless Controller for PS5 Console Support

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