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How to Chop Wood and Chop Down Trees

This is a guide to chop wood, chop trees down, and pull up tree stumps in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Read on to learn more about chopping wood and trees with our guide below!

How to Chop Wood from Trees

Step Directions 1 Craft or buy any axe 2 Hit a tree three times with the A Button

1. Craft or Buy any Axe

Any axe will work to chop wood from trees! We recommend using the Flimsy Axe and the Stone Axe for chopping wood.

However, the regular Axe or the Golden Axe will get you some wood but will also chop the tree down on its third hit.

List of Axes

2. Hit Trees to Get Wood

Once you’ve got your axe, equip it from your inventory and hit trees with the A button!

You can hit a tree 3 times to get random drops of Wood, Softwood, and Hardwood.

How to Chop Down Trees

Step Directions 1 Craft or buy an Axe or a Golden Axe 2 Hit trees with three times with the A Button 3 Dig out the stump with the A Button(Optional)

1. Craft or Buy an Axe

As stated above, the regular Axe or the Golden Axe will both chop the tree down on the third hit.

How to Get the Axe

2. Hit Trees Three Times

Equip your Axe and let ‘er rip! After three strikes, the tree will come crashing down.

3. Dig Out the Stump (Optional)

Once you’ve chopped a tree down, you’ll be left with a stump. Dig it out with any shovel using the A Button.

Do Trees Grow Back?

Tree stumps make for lovely seats on your island, but they will not grow back into a full-sized tree.

How to Dig Up a Tree

Step Directions 1 Craft or buy any shovel 2 Eat one of any fruit 3 Dig up the tree with the A Button

1. Craft or Buy Any Shovel

Any shovel will work to dig up trees!

You can craft shovels with DIY or buy them the cabinet at Nook Shopping.

List of Shovels

2. Eat One of Any Fruit

You can do a multitude of things with fruit in Animal Crossing : New Horizons!

You can eat one fruit to gain the ability to pull up trees!

What Happens When You Eat Fruit?

3. Dig Up the Tree

Equip the shovel and dig up the tree with the A Button. Youll find the whole tree in your pocket!

Sell trees at Nook’s Cranny

You may choose to sell trees at Nook’s Cranny if you have no plans of replanting it elsewhere! Since it’ll take up inventory space and you won’t be able to leave it lying around your island to use later on without planting it first.

Should I Chop Down or Dig Up Trees?

Some Bugs Can Only Spawn on Stumps

There are some bugs that only appear on stumps. Leave a few stumps around to try to hunt for those rare bugs!

List of Bugs

Sit on Stumps

After you’ve cut down a tree, you can use the stump as a seat. Use it to give your island a natural look!

Replant Trees

You can replant trees you’ve dug up! You won’t have to cut down trees and plant seeds from scratch.

Use this tip to redecorate the landscape easily!

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