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How to Enable and Disable Cookies on Safari

Cookies are files that get stored on your computer every time you use a web browser, including Safari. These computer cookies hold data about you and your online habits.

You might want to manage your Safari cookies because they can be used to track you. You might also want to disable cookies if you don’t wish to see personalized ads.

Clearing your Safari cookies can give you a clean slate and keep your information more secure. Here’s how to disable (or enable) Safari cookies depending on your need, as well as some of the best ad blockers to block cookies entirely.

How to clear cookies on Safari

You’ll be glad to learn it’s a simple process to manage computer cookies on Apple Safari. The steps may vary depending on your device, but we’ll walk you through how to manage Safari cookies on macOS or an OS device.

How to clear cookies on Safari on a Mac

1. Go to your Safari browser on your Mac, and selectPreferences.

2. Click Privacy, then select Manage Website Data.

3. Now click the Remove All button, and click Done.

4. You may get a message asking if you’re sure you want to delete all the cookies. Once you confirm, all the cookies will be deleted.

How to delete cookies in Safari on iPhone or iPad

1. Go to your Settings app on your device.

2. Go down to Safari and selectClear History and Website Data.

3. When the pop-up menu opens for Clear History and Data opens, tap it.

How to disable cookies in Safari

If you want to disable cookies at specific times, you can easily do that in Safari too. Here’s how to quickly disable cookies in Safari to prevent sites from tracking you.

How to disable cookies on Safari on a Mac

1. Open your Safari browser and go to Preferences in the Safari menu.

2. Click onPrivacy, then select Block all cookies.

3. When the message opens to confirm, click Block All.

How to turn off cookies in Safari on iPhone or iPad

1. Go to your Settings app and scroll down to Safari.

2. Toggle on Block All Cookies, then Block All.

Why should you disable cookies in Safari?

Cookies were originally designed to make your internet browsing better by remembering your personal information and browsing preferences, but they can also invade your privacy.

Some websites and advertisers use third-party cookies for tracking your information, such as demographics, shopping habits, and even your location. This is a big reason why many people decide to disable cookies in Safari.

Another plus of disabling Safari cookies is that you may not see as many targeted ads. If you get tired of those pop-up ads showing the latest item you viewed on Amazon, you’re not alone — and disabling your cookies could help. Lastly, disabling cookies could also lead to faster internet access because you won’t have as many files stored on your device.

Another method for disabling cookies is by using an ad and tracker blocker. Here’s a list of some of the best ad blockers for Safari and iOS:

  • Total Adblock: According to our Cover Your Tracks tests, Total Adblock effectively blocked tracking ads, blocked invisible trackers, and created a nearly-unique fingerprint for our browser. Although Total Adblock does not have a Safari extension, it does have an app for iOS, so you can keep your iPhone and iPad free from ads and trackers.Get Total Adblock | Read Our Total Adblock Review
  • AdGuard: AdGuard offers a comprehensive free tool that doesn’t sell your data, a plus if you’re trying to steer clear of trackers. Along with compatibility with Safari, it also offers an app for iOS.Get AdGuard | Read Our AdGuard Review
  • AdLock: AdLock has a free ad-blocker extension for Safari, paid tiers for Safari, and a paid app for iOS products, so your Apple devices are covered. We were also excited to read that AdLock doesn’t sell your data and it makes sure your requests aren’t being sent to an outside server.Get AdLock | Read Our AdLock Review

How to enable cookies on Safari

Privacy concerns aside, there may be times you want to enable cookies in Safari. You may want to allow a website to keep you logged in or remember your settings and preferences. By accepting what’s called first-party cookies, you can often improve your online experience.

When you need to enable cookies in Safari, you can follow these simple steps.

How to turn on cookies on Safari on a Mac

1. Open your Safari browser menu and select Preferences.

2. On the Privacy tab, deselect Block all cookies beside Cookies and website data.

3. If you enable Prevent cross-site tracking, it will block third-party cookies from tracking you.

How to enable cookies in Safari on iPhone or iPad

1. Go to your Settings app and scroll down to Safari.

2. Make sureBlock All Cookies is deselected. You may want to leave the option for Prevent Cross-Site Tracking turned on to block third-party cookies.

Why should you enable cookies in Safari?

Sometimes you’ll need to enable cookies in Safari for different situations — there are even some websites that won’t load properly if your cookies aren’t enabled. Other reasons to enable cookies in Safari include:

  • Staying logged into your accounts
  • Remembering your settings on certain websites
  • Remembering what’s in your shopping cart
  • Seeing more appealing products when you shop online

Not all cookies are harmful, and there are good reasons to use cookies while you browse online.

Safari cookies FAQs

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Yes, deleting cookies erases all site data thatu2019s saved in your web browser, which includes your passwords.

Itu2019s safer to not use autofill or tools such as Google Password Manager to remember your passwords. Instead, a dedicated password manager provides you with a safer, more secure way to access your login info for every site when you need to.

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Itu2019s a good idea to remove all your cookies if you want a clean slate and more privacy. Removing your cookies can also increase your internet speed, especially if you have lots of stored cookies taking up space.

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Bottom line

When you want to manage cookies in Safari, you have the option of enabling, disabling, or deleting them. You may choose different actions based on what you’re trying to accomplish at the time. Luckily, it’s easy to change your Safari settings on any device.

If you want more privacy, disabling and deleting cookies is your best option. During times when you want a more personalized browsing experience, you can always enable cookies in Safari, then disable them again when you log off. We’ve also compiled a list of the best ad blockers for Safari if you want to block cookies altogether.