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5 Best Ways How To Find Hidden Cameras Using Mobile Phones

Over the years, the mobile phone has transformed from being a simple calling device to a multifaceted tool that has assisted users around the world to go beyond the usual functioning how to find hidden cameras using mobile phones.

A Multifaceted Mobile Phone Working as a Hidden Camera Detector

From clicking professional photographs to building careers with top-notch social media content, in today’s world, the mobile phone truly plays the role of a best friend. It goes beyond to secure the user acting as a hidden camera detector.

A mobile phone can be used to download a hidden camera app that functions as a spy camera detector. As a hidden camera connects with mobile phone, it would release a red light, or take a photo of the infrared light of a spy camera.

How To Find Hidden Cameras Using Mobile Phones

Interestingly, this device can also help you be more secure, especially when remote working permits people to do their jobs from anywhere in the world. In this article, we have listed six effective ways how to find hidden cameras using mobile phones.

Hidden cameras and related scandals have always been in cybersecurity news. If you are travelling to a new place or are suspicious of the accommodation you are living at, here are some simple ways how to find hidden cameras using mobile phones. These instructions will answer questions such as how to check for cameras in hotel rooms.

1. Using phone camera to detect light

Hidden cameras, how to find hidden cameras using mobile phones
Most phone cameras are light sensitive and equipped with infrared detectors.

Your phone camera can easily detect infrared light that the human eye may miss. If you are worried that there is a hidden camera installed, you can simply use your smartphone camera to scan around the room.

Just like remotes, hidden cameras emit infrared light that can be captured by the phone camera. Most phone cameras are equipped with infrared detectors.

Hence, your front and back cameras would be able to catch the red light while you scan the room. With the camera on, the infrared light will appear as a pulsing dot on the screen.

Follow these steps

  • Switch on your phone camera
  • Draw the curtains and switch off the light. The room should be dark in order for the phone camera to detect the light.
  • Point the camera in the direction where you think the spy cameras are installed.
  • If you spot a red light, which may or may not be blinking, inspect the area.

2. Spy camera Scanning apps

How To Find Hidden Cameras Using Mobile Phones spycam detector
The Cyber Express has curated some of the popular apps that you can download on your phone.

There are several spycam detector apps for Android and iOS phones that can be used to spot hidden cameras. A spy camera app uses the phone camera to survey the area and spot any hidden gadgets.

Based on user reviews available online, The Cyber Express has chosen some of the popular Android apps that you can download to detect a hidden camera:

  • Hidden Camera Detector by FutureApps
  • Detectify
  • Hidden Bug Detector
  • Hidden IR Camera Detector by 4 Tech Solutions
  • Hidden Devices Detector

Hidden camera detector apps are also available for Apple users

Here are some of the iOS spycam detector apps:

  • Hidden Camera Finder
  • Hidden Spy Camera Finder Pro
  • Hidden Spy Camera Detector
  • Electronic Device Detector
  • Electromagnetic Detector EMF

3. Network disturbance

Network Disturbance How To Find Hidden Cameras Using Mobile Phones
To check network disturbance, you can make a call and roam around the suspected area to check for crackling disrupting the connection.

Another way to use your phone to detect spyware devices is by keeping a tab on network disturbances. Often, wireless security cameras create a crackling disruption to the phone networks.

If you want to check whether spyware equipment has been installed or not, you can simply make a call, put the phone on speaker, and move around the suspected area. If you detect an electronic disturbance, inspect the area to look for the device.

4. Utilizing phone’s flashlight

phone’s flashlight How To Find Hidden Cameras Using Mobile Phones
If you detect any kind of reflection coming from that area, get a closer look and inspect manually.

The phone’s flashlight also can help you find a spy camera if installed in your surroundings. A lens will always reflect light and you can use this to your advantage by pointing your phone’s flashlight at the suspected area.

Switch on the flash of your camera and point in the direction where you feel a camera could be hidden. If you detect any kind of reflection coming from that area, get a closer look and inspect manually.

5. Wi-Fi network scanners for suspicious devices

Wi-Fi Network scanners How To Find Hidden Cameras Using Mobile Phones
How To Find Hidden Cameras Using Mobile Phones network scanning applications.

A wireless device is often connected to Wi-Fi, which can be easily utilized to detect the devices on the network. You can scan the Wi-Fi networks manually as well as through third-party applications downloaded to your device.

Follow these steps to manually find hidden cameras using mobile phones via Wi-Fi

  • Switch on the Wi-Fi feature of your phone.
  • Scan through the various available devices in the network <span data-ccp-props=”{“201341983″:0,”335559739″:160,”335559740″:259}”>
  • Inspect names, especially with numbers and symbols.
  • Use the Bluetooth feature on your phone to inspect the same, if you suspect any suspicious names in both searchers, reach out to the person in charge for more information.

You can find hidden cameras using mobile phone network scanning applications too.

Various android and iOS applications can scan the Wi-Fi networks. These apps scan the router and displays connected devices.

One such app, which is compatible with both operating systems, is Fing, which can easily detect and display networks that aren’t functioning like the usual Wi-Fi signals.

Using a dedicated app to search for devices is often beneficial and helps detect malicious networks as well as spyware cameras.

Here are some network scanners compatible with iOS:

  • iNet Network Scanner
  • Fing
  • Angry IP Scanner
  • Network Analyzer Lite
  • Acrylic WiFi Home

Here are some network scanners compatible with Android:

  • IP Tools
  • Network Manager<span data-ccp-props=”{“201341983″:0,”335559739″:160,”335559740″:259}”>
  • RedBox
  • Who is on my WiFi
  • Network Analyzer

How to Check for Cameras in Hotel Rooms

Privacy concerns in hotel rooms and changing rooms have always been prevalent among people. With the advent of stealthy forms of spying, hidden cameras seem to be the one thing that should not go without being investigated.

For every daunting question there is a surprisingly simpler answer, in this case, hidden camera detector apps and other ways to secure yourself from being photographed.

With these simple yet reliable ways you would now know how to find hidden cameras using mobile phones and ensure that you are not being watched.