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Straight Talk Data Not Working: How to Fix in seconds

I have been taking some important calls recently, most of which are related to my work, but to my dismay, the Straight Talk data I use has been acting up, resulting in frequent call drops and slow internet speeds.

I got hold of some resources online and understood that the call drop anddata issues are mostly related to the network glitches, delayed payments and plan renewals.

You can fix Straight Talk Data Not Working by renewing your data plan on time and by resetting your network settings on your mobile device.

Check for Service Outages

Straight Talk is known for partnering with other telecom operators to offer network coverage to its users.

If you are facing issues with Straight talk data, there are chances of technical faults at their side, or it could also be due to an outage on one of their partner companies.

Since Straight talk allies with all four telecom operators, namely Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile and Sprint, sudden disruption on any of these networks can cause data connectivity issues on your mobile, but that depends on your location and device.

Check Your Subscription

Before you arrive at any conclusion, it is a wise move to first check your balance on the Straight talk subscription.

If you are using a prepaid plan, your account must have sufficient balance to make calls and use the Internet.

Likewise, if you are on a postpaid plan, you need to keep an eye on your subscribed data and allowance, failing which the service provider might temporarily suspend your mobile account.

APN Settings for T-Mobile

Access Point Name or APN is the access point for your phone to set up a connection to the gateway between your carrier’s cellular network and the public Internet. APN settings differ according to the network used.

If you regularly find yourself using the T-mobile network, then here are the APN settings listed below.

APN NameStraight Talk

APN Settings for AT&T Network

If you are on the AT&T network, your APN settings are shown in the table below.


APN Settings for Verizon

If you are on the Verizon network, your APN settings are shown in the below table.


APN settings for Tracfone Network

If you are on the Tracfone network, your APN settings are shown in the below table.

APN NameTracfone

Message Straight Talk to Receive Settings

Checking the phone settings can be tedious, and sometimes I have gotten lost trying to alter various functions on my phone.

If you are someone like me, there is a solution to receive your APN settings from Straight Talk.

All you need to do is text the word “APN” (without quotes”) and send it to 611611.

Straight Talk will send the appropriate APN settings and update your device with new settings.

Reset Your Phone’s Network Settings

I have mentioned earlier that the APN settings are the gateway that enables internet connectivity to your mobile device.

Straight Talk connectivity issues can be solved by resetting the network settings and reconfiguring them in your handheld device.

You can tap into “Network and Communication Settings” on your mobile and then select “Reset default settings” to fully reset your device, as this will ensure that the network settings are erased and reinstalled on your phone from scratch.

Resetting APN Setting Manually for Android

If you use Android, then you can reset the APN settings manually by following the below steps.

  • Tap on “Settings” on your android mobile device.
  • Choose “Network and Internet”.
  • Under the “Network and Internet” tab, select “Mobile Network”.
  • Select “”Advanced options””.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will find an option called “Access Point Names”.
  • Tap on the “Access Point Names”, and you will find the network carrier that is currently in use.
  • On the top right corner of the mobile page, select the three-dotted option, which contains the option “Reset to default”.

Resetting APN Setting Manually for iOS

For iPhone users, the steps to reset the APN settings are quite different. Here are the steps to reset the APN settings in IOS.

  • On your iPhone, tap on the “Settings” app.
  • Select “”General””.
  • Choose “”Reset””.
  • Under the reset option, you will find “Reset Network settings”.

Contact Support

If you’ve tried all the above options, then reach out to Straight Talk Support and send them a text message to their helpline 611611 to find out your balance, refills, and other service-related details.

You can also reach them through the online chat option available on their official website.

Furthermore, you can follow them on their Social media pages to keep up with their latest updates and announcements directly.

Fix your Straight Talk Data Not Working

Your issues with the Straight talk data need not always be about your device and the network; it could also be due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, natural disaster, etc.

I live in a region where it rains most of the year.

I have noticed on several occasions that whenever there is a heavy downpour, my mobile coverage drops abruptly, making it difficult for me to make calls and surf the Internet.

And most importantly, if your mobile apps are not updated on time, such as your browser apps and calling apps, it could also lead to connectivity issues on your Straight Talk data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Straight Talk network settings?

The easiest way to reset the Straight Talk network settings is by sending a text message to 611611 with a text “APN” ” (without quotation marks).

The Straight Talk will then send new APN settings to your mobile device and install the new APN.

What are APN settings?

APN settings establish a connection to the gateway between the carriers of the Straight Talk network and the public Internet.

How do I find my APN name?

Android users can find the APN name by searching for the “Wireless and Networks” or “Connections and Networks” tab in the phone settings.

The next step is to enter the “Mobile Networks” and tap into the Access Point Name. Apple users can find the APN by tapping “General” followed by “Network”.

On entering the “Network”, choose “Mobile Data” and then APN settings.

How can I speed up my straight talk Internet?

The quickest and easiest way to increase your Straight Talk internet speed is to upgrade your existing data plan.

If you are connected to multiple devices, then try disconnecting some of them to get better data speed.