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How To Make Paper In Minecraft In 2022? [Easy Steps]

In Minecraft, paper can be used for a variety of purposes. Paper guarantees that it has the same value in Minecraft as it does in the real world.

Paper is used for creating books in Minecraft similar to its use in the real world.

These Minecraft books are in turn necessary for the creation of an enchanting table, where we enchant various weapons and tools.

Paper is extremely important in the world of Minecraft and is mainly essential for a lot of complex crafting projects.

So in this blog, I will talk about how to make paper in Minecraft quite easily.

How to make Paper in Minecraft

In Minecraft , paper is a wonderful resource for making a variety of useful items. It is a versatile material that is used in everyday life for anything from packaging to books to crafts.

Although paper isn’t functional on its own, it is necessary for a variety of crafting processes. It’s required for advanced-level materials to be created. If you don’t have papers, you won’t be able to progress to the next stage of creating and enchanting.

Materials required for making paper in Minecraft

This is everything you’ll need to make paper:

1. Three Cane Sugar

Sugar cane is a natural substance, hence it cannot be manipulated.

You’ll need sugar canes to make paper, which you can find by exploring your immediate surroundings. In the game, sugar cane is usually found near lakes, rivers, or oceans.

You can even start a sugar cane farm of your own. You’ll need to collect and harvest sugar in your base region to start a sugar farm. It’s a versatile component that may be used in a variety of dishes.

2. Crafting Paper Recipe

Making a paper in Minecraft is a simple process.

The steps for making papers are as follows:

  • STEP 1: In Minecraft, open a 3×3 grid area crafting table.
  • STEP 2: Place three sugar canes in the center of the row. It is critical to position the sugar cane correctly.
  • STEP 3: Three pieces of paper can be seen on the right side of the crafting table after they have been made.
  • STEP 4: You have successfully created paper in Minecraft, store it in your inventory for later use.

You can create three papers at a time using this method. You are free to make as much paper as you desire.

So to make your desired number of papers, gather more sugar cane and make more paper as needed.

You can make books, maps, banners, pyrotechnics, and bookshelves out of this paper.

How To Make Paper In Minecraft Without Sugar Cane

Minecraft gamers frequently inquire about how to make paper in the absence of sugar cane.

Alas! There is just one way to make paper in Minecraft i.e. with sugar cane. In your Minecraft universe, you can’t produce paper without sugar.

So, if you want to build paper in Minecraft, go back to the earlier step and look at the paper recipe where it is explained how to make paper in Minecraft.


The blocky world of Minecraft also makes a lot of use of paper. Paper is used in Minecraft in the same way that it is used in real life.

In Minecraft, you can use paper to create books, maps, banners, and other items.

Paper in Minecraft is made from sugar canes, which you must collect from your surroundings or you can even farm them by yourself.

If you didn’t know how to make paper in Minecraft before, I hope the steps above gave you a good idea.

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