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How to Setup and Watch Paramount plus on Firestick in USA in 2023

Package Cost per month Channels not included Ads Essential 4.99$ per month Local Live CBC stream Features ads Premium 9.99$ per month N/A No ads, except on live TV

Wondering how much is Paramount Plus on Firestick in USA? Paramount Plus includes two subscription plans, with the first one being the Paramount Plus essential plan, which costs $4.99 a month and $49.99 per year.

This plan offers multiple network stations, shows, and movies, including THE GAME Season 2 outside USA, and NCIS Crossover Event. Channels like CBS News, CBSN, CBS Sports, and CBS Home Entertainment are also included with the plan.

The essential plan also comes with the Paramount plus free trial if you are thinking about how to get Paramount Plus for free on Firestick. The Paramount Plus on Firestick free trial will let you use all the features for free for 7 days.

The second subscription plan is the Paramount Plus premium plan, which costs $10 per month, saving you $20 every year. You can save that amount by paying the annual fee, which is $100 per year. All the features that are included in the essential plan are also part of the premium plan. The difference is that the premium plan does not feature any sort of ads.

How to Use Paramount Plus on FireStick in USA?

The essentials that you need to know about Paramount Plus and how to use it includes a basic knowledge of the interface, which is quite easy to operate.

On the left pane of the platform, you will find a section for the content available which shows the Paramount Plus Shows, Movies, On Now, News, and Brands. At the bottom, you can find account settings and a slideshow of programs.

Once you scroll down, you will see a number of categories that Paramount Plus provides. Each category has a plethora of content within and includes:

  • Originals
  • Trending Movies
  • Shows Recommended For You
  • Reality Shows
  • Recently Added
  • Trending Shows
  • Drama Shows
  • Horror Movies
  • Drama Movies
  • Sports
  • Comedy Shows
  • Psychological Thrillers
  • Animated Movies
  • News

Each of the movie and shows sections are then divided into further genres. Clicking on any of the multiple genres will lead you to the entire list of shows and movies available, arranged in alphabetical order.


If you’re picking a random show or movie to watch, you can click on the popular content which is currently available on Paramount Plus.

In the Watch Now section, you will find the live programs, including news and sports channels, which feature CBSN Live Local News, CBSN New York, 60 Minutes Plus, Daily News Full Episodes, and Weekly News Full Episodes.

A separate Search option is also available, allowing you to pick the content of your choice, with the settings available on the bottom left. The settings include functions and options which you can customize, including Autoplay, Parental Controls, Legal Notices, and Support.

How to sign out of Paramount Plus on firestick in USA? Simply proceed to Settings, then Account, and sign out. In the same section of Settings, you can find out how to cancel Paramount Plus on Firestick, and how to update Paramount Plus on Firestick in USA.

The platform can be used on three simultaneous streams, which is the Paramount Plus device limit, and up to six profiles per account. The video quality on the platform is a regular 1080p resolution and 4K for premium users. Users can also avail of the Paramount Plus free trial, which would last them 7 days.

What devices are supported by Paramount Plus in USA?

Paramount Plus is supported by multiple devices, which usually include devices that can handle HD streaming. Some of the best of these devices include:

  • Paramount Plus on Amazon Fire tablet/FireStick/Fire TV
  • Android phone
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android TV
  • Roku
  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • Apple TV 4 and 4K
  • Play Station
  • Paramount Plus on Xbox



Paramount Plus has become one of the best streaming platforms in the world, and you can now enjoy Paramount Plus on Firestick in USA as well. You can use a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN, which ensures you don’t get blocked by geo-restrictions.

The guide above explains how to get Paramount Plus on Firestick in USA, and gives us insight into the platform’s interface and how to go around it. The Paramount Plus Review in USA also informs us on the price, subscription plans, compatible devices, and how to properly use the platform on Firestick.