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5 Ways to Find the End Portal in Minecraft

End Portal in Minecraft is the dream of every Minecraft player. Every Minecraft user and gamer wants to reach this amazing stage, which is difficult to achieve but comes with hard work along with fighting with enemies. You need to be very careful about finding the End Portal.

Step 1: Entrance into the Nether

End Portal in Minecraft
Nether can be viewed in Minecraft

In order to find the End-Portal it is necessary to first collect ingredients from the Nether. It is regarded as the underworld in Minecraft. You need to craft a Nether Portal and travel through it initially.

The obsidian blocks must be arranged in a rectangle that is 4 blocks wide and 5 blocks high to create the Nether Portal. Steel and flint should be used to activate the lower obsidian block.

Equip yourself with a bow, along with an arrow, food and diamond equipment since the Nether is not a safe arena.

Step 2: Have Blaze Rods

End Portal in Minecraft
Blaze rods are yellow-coloured rods

In order to have blaze rods, you need to have an encounter with blazes. These blazes are basically a monster. You can look for them in Nether fortresses. Fight with blazes and gain blaze rods.

The user should collect 5 blaze rods to activate the end portal.

Step 3: Focus on Ender Pearls

You require only 2 ender pearls for each blaze rod. Collect an ample amount of ender pearls by killing the ender men. Endermen will fight with you when you stare at them.

Looting enchantment on a diamond sword can prove to be beneficial for you as it will enhance the probability of receiving Ender Pearls.

Step 4: Make eyes of Ender

End Portal in Minecraft
Eyes of Ender in Minecraft of reaching End Portal

Eyes of Ender help you to have the exact location of the end portal. The exact number of eyes of Ender required to fulfill your task is actually 9 but it count can go even more.

Step 5: Make the Proper Recipe

Place a blaze rod in the crafting area to turn it into 2 blaze powders.

Place a blaze powder and an ender pearl anywhere in the crafting area to make an eye of the Ender.

Special tips:

  • Take care of Bolen’s Conjecture

Keep your distance from the staircase to a minimum to increase your chances of finding the end portal. The user may become confused by the other rooms, but the staircase is the best option for locating the end portal.

Types of rooms encountered or might be found during your journey towards the end portal is 3-way junction room, jail room arch stairway. End portal distance can be easily covered by making sure to go to the top of every staircase that comes your way.

  • Find hidden Rooms

You can easily find the hidden rooms, as far as you know the directions. The parameters that decide whether we would be able to find the hidden rooms are based on indentations, and the direction of stairs.

Because it has 4 potential walls, the first thing to check is that it should be a 5-way room. The wall that is made of stone is not a sign of a hidden room.

If there is an indent and the downwards going stair is facing in the West or in the North direction, then it is a hidden room.

Bonus Points:

  • To find the end portal, make sure that the chests are always present on the user’s right-hand side.
  • Have a close look at doors, because some doors might not break, but some will break, making your way to the end portal.
  • If the staircase going downwards facing North or west, then it might be the hidden room.


An end portal is a naturally occurring generated structure that is used to travel to the End. It can only be found in the portal room of a stronghold. Visit the most recent entertaining blogs on the BrightCHAMPS blog page to find out more information about the end portal in Minecraft.

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