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How to Ping iPhone from Apple Watch – Everything You Need to Know

Do you often forget where you put your iPhone down? Well, you are not alone, but you can always find it easily with your Apple Watch. If you ping iPhone from Apple Watch frequently, you’ll find out that this is one of the best features you use in your daily life.

But, how to ping iPhone from Apple Watch? Let’s find out.

How to Ping iPhone from Apple Watch

Follow these simple steps to find your misplaced iPhone:

  • Swipe up on your Apple Watch’s home screen so you could see the control center
  • If the iPhone icon is gray, it means your phone is still connected to your Watch. Tap on the icon and your iPhone will emit a beeping sound
  • If you press and hold the same icon, it will make a beeping sound along with a flash going on and off. It can help you find your phone in the dark
  • When you press the green iPhone icon, it will turn blue for a brief moment and ping your iPhone. If it takes more than one beep to find your iPhone, press the button again to find your phone

Quick Note: If you are unable to press the gray icon, it means that either your iPhone is switched off or it is out of the Bluetooth range and you cannot ping iPhone from Apple Watch. So, the most effective way to find your iPhone, in this case, is to use iCloud.

Why Is My Apple Watch Not Pinging on My iPhone?

Occasionally, when you try to find your iPhone from your Watch, it won’t work and it can get frustrating. Here are a few reasons you cannot ping iPhone from Apple Watch.

  • Your connection is weak. Both the Apple Watch and iPhone are connected to each other via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If either one of them has an issue, pinging your iPhone becomes difficult.
  • If the Airplane Mode is activated, you cannot ping iPhone from Apple Watch.
  • If the software on either one of the devices is outdated and you haven’t updated them, it might affect the connection.

How To Fix The Apple Watch Ping?

If you’ve found out that you cannot ping your phone from your Watch, you can fix it with simple steps. It is important to note that you’ll be access to both devices for these tips to work. Here are a few ways:

  • Check whether the connection on both devices is proper. If not, resync your Watch and your iPhone.
  • Switch off the Airplane Mode if activatedReboot both devices as it not only fixes the connectivity issues but also a lot of common ones.
  • Update the software on both your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself misplacing your phone often then using this feature might come in handy. Whether you lose your iPhone under your couch cushion, beneath your car seat, in the laundry bin, or in a dark place, the beeping sound and the blinking flash can reunite you with your phone.

How to Ping iPhone from Apple Watch – FAQs