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How to Reboot an Android Smartphone

Are you having trouble getting on your phone? Does it freeze, become incredibly slow, or crash apps? Or perhaps your phone is simply performing strangely, and you want to quickly and conveniently reboot, restart, or reset it. Don’t worry, though; in this post we’ll show you how to reboot a phone quickly and easily to improve performance. In this Article we’re going to explain methods and solutions how to reboot an Android smartphone device. Let’s get enlightening of the term booting.

What is Booting ?

Booting is the capability to restart or revive a process or sequence, especially a series of programmes.

How to Reboot an Android Smartphone

What is Device Rebooting ?Device Rebooting is the action taken on a computerized system boot or be booted again.Knowing how to hard reboot or reset your Android device might be useful when things go awry. I believe it is best to start by defining the distinction between rebooting and resetting. Rebooting is equivalent to restarting and comes near to completely turning off your gadget. The operating system will be shut down and then restarted.

Resetting, on the other hand, refers to returning your smartphone to the original condition it was like new as it was at first freshly manufactured. You personal information is erased when you reset. Despite their apparent similarity, the terms are really distinct.

Rebooting or restarting is the way to go if your phone or tablet starts acting funny or showing any sluggishness. Users of Android smartphone devices feels the showboat of glitches and sluggishness might mean their devices are completely damaged and kind of beyond repair, well funny.

Glitches and sluggishness in phone can due to;

  • Subpar Stamina;

. Power consuming applications can reduce longevity of battery life. This can result in slow performance of your device and glitches

  • Too much bloatware;

Your Android device most likely came preloaded with a ton of junk you don’t want ranging from manufacturer provided carrier service (hello, Samsung, Nokia, Tecno, Infinix!) to carrier added service (crap/ junk files). But don’t worry, because most of it can be hidden out of sight, if not completely eliminated.

  • Low storage;

Having large files and applications that consume space can lead to low processor performance. These causes glitches, often make your phone slow.

Step 1. Long Pressing the On/Off button on Your Android

The known method for restarting your phone is this one, which is also the simplest and fastest one. In order to turn the Android device off and back on, you must press the power button for a long period of time.

I can’t find my phone’s power button. The most common method for turning an Android smartphone on and off is to press and hold a single button that is usually found on either side of the device. If you experience one of these issues them all you need is to reboot. Either using “Soft Restart” or “Hard Restart”.

Step 2. Soft Reset

You can reboot by pressing the power button and click or pressing on restart. Another name for this type of reboot is “soft restart”. But what if your device freezes, goes blank or becomes unresponsive and you’re not able to access the power off and restart menu.

Then what do you do? We have another solution, which is “hard restart”

Step 3. Hard Reset

This can be accomplished by pressing a combination of buttons on your device. Most Android devices require you to hold down the power and volume down buttons for 5 seconds.

This should work on any stock Android device, such a Tecno, Infinix, Nokia, Syinix, Google Nexus and Pixel, as well as the Samsung Galaxy and LG phones respectively. Other devices, such as most Motorola phones, are slightly different but the procedure is still the same, but instead of using the volume down button, We advice you use the volume up button.

Step 4. Master Reset

If you need to reset your Android device to its factory settings (for example if you’re selling and switching to a new phone) there are two options, both specified below.

Option 1: Factory Reset Your Android device With Android Inbuilt Soft Reset Button. Android includes a soft reset option that is easily accessible from your device phone settings menu. Simply;

  • Go to Settings
  • Then Backup & Reset.
  • Finally click “Factory Data Reset.”
  • You will be asked to confirm your action.
  • Click yes, allow or accept.

When you take the plunge, your phone will be wiped of all personal data and rebooted exactly as it came out of the box. Please keep in mind that any memory card inserted will be unaltered.

Option 2: Resetting your Android with Hard Factory Reset

This is a sort of last resort. The most common scenario for using this option is a bricked device, where something horribly went wrong and there is no way to boot your Android smartphone device.To perform a hard reset, follow these steps:

  • Switch off your device.
  • Hold down the power and volume down buttons at the same time until you see the Android bootloader menu.
  • The volume buttons are used to navigate through the bootloader menu, and the power button is used to enter/select.
  • Select the “Recovery Mode” option.
  • In a black screen, you should see the words “no command”.Hold down the power button.
  • Press and release the volume up button while holding the power button.

You should now see a list menu with the option to wipe data/reset factory settings.Following the selection of the factory option, you will notified that you are about to erase all user data. If your mind is made up, select Yes and your device will be restored to its factory state.

Step 5. Battery Should be Removed and Reinserted

Removing the battery and waiting a few seconds should fix a frozen or unresponsive phone that has a removable battery. Place the battery back in place, hold down the Power button while pressing it, and watch for the display to come on. Battery flatness or improper insertion are likely causes for your phone’s inability to turn on. Check to make sure the battery is properly placed before attempting again. If the issue continues, connect your phone to a charger, let the battery charge for a few minutes, and then try again.

Step 6. Still Experiencing Difficulties?

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