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How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories: 8 Proven Tips

People love to share pictures and photos on Snapchat. Since Snaps and Stories get self-destructed after a designated period, to keep them for later on, Snapchat Memories feature renounced the world splendidly in 2016. Memories is born to collect those fascinating moments that live below your camera screen.

Just like the true example laid at the very beginning, we can imagine that it would definitely be a bummer to lose the Snapchat memories by accident. Where do deleted Snap memories go? How to recover them? This post throws light on some of the tried and tested methods for recovering deleted Snapchat memories on Android and iPhone, with or without the assistance of computer.

How to recover deleted Snapchat memories with computer?

There are specific conditions where we can restore the deleted Snapchat memories with the aid of PC or Mac computer. Let’s start to explore the details below.

1# Use Snapchat memories recovery app

As is know to all, apart from mobile version, Snapchat has a web version too. At times you log in Snapchat online on the computer and download some memories to save them locally, but later delete these saved memories inadvertently. In this case you’re strongly recommended to adopt a specialized Snapchat memories recovery application for retrieving them back.

Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac or Windows is one of the best Snapchat memories recovery apps on the market due to its remarkably high recovery rate, fast scan speed, and incredibly easy-to-use UI. With its exceptional support of file formats, in addition to Snapchat videos and photos, it can get back deleted/lost files of audios, documents, archives, emails and much more commonly-used types.

Here are a couple more reasons to consider Cisdem:

  • Recover deleted Snapchat memories from PC/Mac device, HDD, SSD, USB drive, SD card and any storage media
  • Support the recovery of Snapchat memories lost due to mistaken deletion, phone storage shortage, system damage, malware/virus infection, etc.
  • Repair corrupted or damaged images, videos and even documents
  • File filters available to quickly locate the desired files
  • Preview all recoverable items before actual recovery
  • Compatible with the latest macOS Sonoma or later, Windows 11/10/8/7/XP

Steps to recover deleted Snapchat memories with Cisdem

  1. Free download and install Cisdem Data Recovery.Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download macOS 10.9 or later
  2. Choose PC Recovery (for Windows) or Hardware Disk (for Mac) > select the location where your Snapchat memories were stored > click on Scan to start scanning.recover snaps with cisdem 01
  3. Wait for the scanning to complete. All scan results will be listed according to different file categories. Look through the folders or use the filters to find your deleted Snapchat pictures or videos.recover snaps with cisdem 02
  4. Select and preview the wanted Snapchat memories. Choose Recover button to restore them to a safe location.recover snaps with cisdem 03

2# Recover deleted memories on Snapchat with backup

Alternatively, if any backup has been created before the deletion of Snapchat memories, thing will also get much easier. In the following we’re going to demonstrate 2 backup solutions for your reference.

Solution 1: iTunes backup (for iPhone users)

iPhone users are prone to make use of iTunes for data backup. In case you have an existing iTunes backup on your iOS device, this method is for you. But bear in mind that restoring from iTunes backup would reset your iPhone and erase all the original data. Once you’re prepared to take risks, see below for how to re-access deleted Snapchat memories with iTunes backup on computer.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac.
  2. Launch iTunes on the computer > click the iPhone from devices section > go to Summary > choose “Restore iPhone”.recover snaps from itunes 01
  3. Select the exact backup which contains your deleted Snapchat memories > click Restore to revert them back to your iPhone.recover snaps from itunes 02

Solution 2: Google Drive (for Android users)

Generally speaking, Android users prefer to use Google Drive as all Android devices are linked to a Google account by default. In the event that you have enabled the syncing on your Android phone with Google Drive earlier, deleted Snapchat files can be simply found and recovered through visiting the cloud service online with your computer. This is how to achieve it.

  1. Go to drive.google.com > log in with your account.
  2. Find and select the Snap memories you need to get back > download them onto your computer. You’re allowed to transfer them to the Android device later.recover snaps from google drive 01
  3. When you can’t find the desired files from My Drive section, try to check Trash folder. If luckily your deleted Snapchat memories are present here, click the three-dots icon and select Restore.recover snaps from google drive 02

How to recover deleted Snapchat memories on iPhone/Android without computer?

Without computer, how can I recover deleted Snapchat memories only on iPhone or on Android? If you’re Googling this, you’ve landed on the right part. 5 native options for Snapchat memories recovery will be laid afterwards. Assuming they don’t work, seek help from an expert recovery tool.

1# Restore deleted Snapchat memories via Memories Backup

Many Snapchat users may not know that Snap is assigned with a build-in feature to protect their memories from lost, which is named Memories Backup. This handy feature will back up the Snapchat memories safely on your iPhone or Android phone as long as it’s initialed. Here’s the detailed tutorial.

  1. Log in Snapchat app on your phone.snap memories backup 01
  2. Click your Profile at the top left > tap on the gear icon to enter Settings.snap memories backup 02
  3. Scroll down to select Memories.snap memories backup 03
  4. Under Storage section, check that if the Smart Backup button has been toggled on and if the Backup Progress shows as Complete. If yes, it means the Snapchat memories you deleted have been backed up successfully. You can find them in file folder on your Android or iOS device.snap memories backup 04

What if Memories Backup is not enabled? How to recover deleted Snapchat memories without backup? Continue to see the rest of 4 options.

2# Find deleted Snap memories from My Data archive

The second way to resume deleted memories directly from Snapchat app is asking for a copy of them through My Data archive. Snap will store your Memories on its servers even though you remove them. This method is proven to be the most effective one since most users reported that it worked out properly. Follow up the instructions below.

  1. Go to Snapchat Settings based on step 1&2 in the previous Memories Backup option.
  2. Choose My Data option.recover snaps from my data 01
  3. Scroll down and enter your email address where Snapchat will send you a mail to recover your memories. Confirm the email address and hit Submit Request.recover snaps from my data 02
  4. Snapchat will now prepare a copy of your data which can take some time depending on the size of your data.recover snaps from my data 03
  5. Then you’ll get a mail from Snap on your email ID. Open the relevant link.recover snaps from my data 04
  6. Download your data in the .zip file.recover snaps from my data 05
  7. After downloading, extract the file to regain your deleted Snapchat memories on your iPhone/Android.

3# Access deleted Snapchat memories in photo library

Suppose you’re fortunate enough to have turned on the function that saves all Snaps in your Gallery, deleted Snapchat memories can be revived effortlessly by looking into photo library on your phone. How to know whether the function is activated or not? Go to Profile > Settings > Memories. Under Save Destinations section, if the Save Button is set to be Memories & Camera Roll, all of your saved Snaps will be saved in the gallery as well.recover snaps in photo library 01

Therefore, how to recover deleted Snapchat memories in photo library on iPhone/Android?

  1. Open your gallery app on your phone.
  2. Navigate to Recently Deleted folder.recover snaps in photo library 02
  3. Find the missing Snapchat files and restore them.

4# Recover lost Snapchat memories by contacting Snapchat Support

By any chance if your Snapchat memories deletion issue still can’t be resolved so far, try to turn for aid to Snapchat Support. Although this approach is not guaranteed to perform the recovery smoothly, it’s an option worth a shot. Check out the guide as below.

  1. Head over to Snapchat Settings as stated earlier in the article.
  2. Find Support > hit on “I Need Help”.recover snaps from support 01
  3. Tap on the option Memories.recover snaps from support 02
  4. Select “Troubleshooting Missing Memories”.recover snaps from support 03
  5. Continue to press “My Snapchat Memories are missing”.recover snaps from support 04
  6. You can see what help the Snapchat Support can offer about restoring deleted memories.recover snaps from support 05

5# Retrieve deleted Snapchat memories on Android from cache

While all the 4 methods mentioned already are feasible for both Android and iPhone, the last resort is exclusive for Android phone. Android system tends to make temporary files of its apps, also known as a cache. Cache comes in great handy when there’s a need to retrieve deleted Snapchat files on Android device. Steps are listed subsequently.

  1. Go to File Manager utility to access the internal storage of your Android.
  2. Tap on Android > data > com.snapchat.android.recover snaps from cache 02
  3. Open the Snapchat cache folder > check all the temporarily saved memories > copy&paste them into other folder on the Android.

That’s all for this page. Hope it helpful for you to recover deleted Snapchat memories without a hassle!