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How to Repost on Your Instagram Story (Even When You’re Not Tagged)

Instagram is the hub for all things social. The platform has evolved from a photo-sharing app to a thriving and diverse tech platform, packed with instant messaging, eCommerce, social advertising and everything in between. With just a few taps, Instagram allows users to connect with others across the globe and share their favorite forms of content.

Instagram is full of cool features and nifty tools for personal and business users. A feature that was launched in 2016 was the ability to post an Instagram Story, which is an ephemeral photo or video post lasting for just 24 hours.

This feature gives users the opportunity to share in-the-moment moments that don’t quite make it onto the grid. An Instagram Story will sit on the user’s profile and appears at the top of the home page in a separate feed within the Instagram app.

A story can feature stickers, GIFs, locations, images and videos, but the creativity doesn’t stop there. You can also share other people’s stories straight onto your profile and even your own feed posts to your Instagram Story, making this content format an excellent way to connect with others and share the love.

Did you know that roughly 86.6% of Instagram’s users post stories every day, and 25% of Gen Z and Millennials use stories to find products and services? If you aren’t already, now is the time to be reposting content to Stories (and we are here to show you how).

What are the benefits of posting an Instagram Story?

Instagram has become a fantastic place for businesses to thrive and boost brand awareness. With so many new features constantly being released, you have endless opportunities to reach new audiences, showcase your products and services and spark two-way conversations with your audience.

And Instagram stories should be a primary part of your social media strategy. In fact, Instagram has pointed out that stories published by brands and businesses get more views than stories from regular profiles.

Still, wondering why you should be using Instagram Stories? Let’s run you through five of the core benefits:

  1. Improved brand visibility – With Instagram stories, you have another timely touchpoint with your followers on social media, giving you a better chance of building brand awareness and trust with potential customers.
  2. Generate leads and sales – Instagram stories puts your content and products right before your customers. Where they can swipe to a website, click on products and interact with your brand, making it easier than ever to generate leads and sales.
  3. Connect with your audience – Instagram Stories give your audience a chance to reply directly with a message, meaning you can answer their burning questions or brand queries straight away. Plus, going live on Instagram Stories also helps you break down the barrier between you and our audience.
  4. Instant feedback on new products or services – If you’ve featured new product launches, teased upcoming promotions or hinted at new service updates on Instagram Stories, your audience can provide instant feedback by replying and reacting. A great way for you to understand your customer pain points and ways to solve them!
  5. Stay front of mind with your audience – Instagram Stories provide information in real-time, so you’re able to share more authentic, candid content. This helps you keep your audience updated with updates in your business.

But with Instagram’s forever evolving features and algorithm, how do you use Instagram Stories?

In this guide, we’ll be deep-diving into all things Instagram stories, giving you all of the hot tips, tricks and insider information to maximize Instagram Stories.

How to post directly onto your Instagram Story

So, you’ve decided to dive into the world of Instagram stories, share your creative flair and show the world what you’re made of! Heck yes.

Now it’s time to learn how to share directly to your story. With the latest Instagram updates, it’s easier than ever to share content to Instagram Stories. Simply open the app and swipe left on the home page, and this should bring up your Instagram camera.

Now you can flip the screen for the front or back camera, depending on the story you’d like to shoot, add a filter, and finish it off with a sticker or text overlay.

After you’ve got the perfect story ready to go, all you have to do is click the white arrow in the right-hand corner to share this post to your story. Ta-Da! You’ve uploaded your first story. Well done!

Psst… don’t forget about these top insider tips:

  • You can upload a story directly from your camera roll as well! Just click the little image in the left-hand corner to select an image or video.
  • You can share a story with a curated close-friends list as well. This means that any content you don’t want to share with the world can go to a specific list of people you’ve chosen! Nifty.

How to share a story you’ve been tagged in

If you have been using Instagram for a while, you’ve probably noticed a message popping up in your inbox saying, “XXX has mentioned you in their story.”

This means that someone has tagged your profile in their latest story. Cool! You can now share their story directly with your followers. But how?

It’s a great feeling being tagged in a story and is a powerful opportunity for your brand to boost your reach and get in front of new audiences.

When you receive a message in your inbox notifying you that someone has mentioned you in their story, open the message on Instagram. You’ll see a big blue button saying ‘Add to Your Story’ click this button. It will load onto your story, ready for you to add text, stickers, or anything you’d like and then click share! And once it’s uploaded, you’ve reshared a story.