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Does Background Apps Making your Android Phone Slow?

Smartphones can be irritating at times when the battery drains at a faster rate. You probably put your phone on charging every 3-4 hours a day and this frustrates you and makes you quit that model. Many people cannot afford new smartphones every other day and thus, here we got a few helpful steps to share with you. These steps will make you aware of android apps running in the background and how you can stop them.

Background applications can eat up your battery and utilize the resources. There are some applications which probably won’t be optimized well, some might be malicious or have malware, or some applications just have a bug.

Don’t worry! Closing these background apps just takes a little knowledge. Follow these simple steps explain by Android app development India to find what android apps running in the background and stop them when there is such a requirement.

Keep your device updated

Always give your android the latest version update since it has great power management features that put limitations on background apps and boost the battery life of the device. One of them is Adaptive Battery that uses ML to know the apps user will open in the next few hours and the apps user won’t open now in a day or two.

By reading the usage pattern of the user, it put each app into one of the five App Standby Buckets – Working set, active, frequent, rare, and never. Every category has set its limitations for the app to include resources for use.

See what is sipping your battery power

If smartphone comes with good battery life, people go crazy. Battery life is important, it is precisely monitored by the Android operating system. If you want to look at your battery life yourself, just navigate to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage. There you will get an accurate list of the things responsible for battery draining.

RAM – You can even check out which apps are eating up the space of your mobile memory or RAM. An app may not be using more battery, but when you only have 2GB RAM and an app you are not accessing is consuming a few hundred MB, your phone memory gets short.

You can navigate to Settings > Systems > about phone and scroll down and find “Build Number” and select it seven times. This will enable Developer Options on android device and you will get a notification as well.

Process to see what Android apps are currently running in the background involves the following steps-

  • Go to your Android’s “Settings”

  • Scroll down. Find and select “About Phone”

  • Scroll down to the “Build number” heading

  • Tap the “Build number” heading seven times – Content write

  • Tap the “Back” button

  • Tap “Developer Options”

  • Tap “Running Services”

Do shutting background apps on your android really work?

We don’t know the exact reason but many of us have the habit of closing background apps forcibly on smartphones. It makes us satisfy and we think that it will save our phone battery and resources.

While switching from one app to another on an android device, we leave more running apps in the background. And if you think that these apps don’t consume your phone battery or processor power, you are wrong.

Experts never suggest forcibly closing background apps on an android device because this will consume more battery and resources than those background apps running on your device. Still, people prefer forcibly shutting down of the android apps running in the background.

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