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How to Show Kindle Page Numbers?

“I want to reference some pages from the ebooks I read on my kindle, but I won’t be able to because there is no kindle page number listed on the screen. Instead, I only see the page location number, time to read and the progressing bar. ”

It is frustrated when you want to cite the book or share the real pages with your friend, you cannot even tell them what kindle page number you are on. So today, I will teach you how to show kindle page numbers and share common knowledge of Amazon Kindle page numbers.

Part 1. What’s the Difference of Kindle Location Number and Kindle Page Number?

What is Kindle location numbers?

Location numbers are specific to each line of text. Since there are many kindle devices with different screen sizes and you may also change the text size on different devices, you will be able to locate the exact place with the location number. It is the most accurate way for you to track your reading progress on different devices.

kindle location number

What is Kindle page numbers?

Kindle page numbers are the equivalent page numbers on the printed book if your kindle ebook include page numbers. Please note: not all kindle books have kindle page numbers. It is easy for you to find a particular passage you are reading in printed book with kindle page numbers.

Part 2. How to Show Kindle Page Number on Kindle/Kindle Fire/Kindle App

Video guide first

By default, your kindle will not show kindle page numbers but only location numbers. But how to make kindle show kindle page number instead of location? Keep reading. I will guide you to change kindle location to page step-by-step on Kindle eink devices, kindle fire and kindle app.

Kindle eink device: how to show kindle page number on Kindle paperwhite/oasis/voyage?

I will take kindle Oasis as an example to show you how to display kindle page number on Kindle.

Step 1 Open the Kindle book at your Kindle.

Step 2 Tap the top part of your kindle device, the menu bar will appear. Tap “PAGE DISPLAY”—>>“Font & Page settings”.

show kindle real page number

Step 3 In the pop up page, press “READING” and then select “Page in Book” option. All done. This time, When you go back to read this book, you will see page number instead of location number.

show kindle real page number

Kindle Fire: how to show kindle page number on Kindle Fire?

It will be slightly different on Kindle fire to show kindle page numbers instead of location.

Step 1 Open the Kindle book at your Kindle fire and tap the top of Kindle fire to display the tool bar.

Step 2 At the top right corner, tap the menu bar and the basic information of this book will show at the below picture. Tap “Go to”.

Step 3 You will see a pop up window. Just fill in any number and then press “PAGE”.

You will go to the corresponding page of this book. This book will show kindle book page numbers instead of location.

Kindle App(Kindle for PC/MAC): how to show page numbers on kindle app

If you are using Kindle for pc or mac, things will be much easier.

Step 1 Just open any book in your kindle library. At the top tool bar, click on “Go to” and select “Page or Location” from the drop-down list.

Step 2 In the pop up window, choose “Page” and fill in number, then click on “Go”.

Step 3 This book will show page number from now one. You can also see the location number besides page number as the following picture.

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