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How to tame an ocelot in the Minecraft 1.19 update

There are all kinds of pets in Minecraft. Technically, parrots, horses, wolves and, cats are the main pets because they can actually be tamed. Feeding an item to them can eventually make them obedient to the player; the player has to sit on the creature in the case of the horse. However, there are tons of other pets that can also sort of be kept as pets, too.

Axolotls, frogs, foxes, goats, ocelots, and more can be kept on leads or put into containers to keep them as “pets.” Ocelots are one of the more interesting mobs to keep as a pet, given how they are “tamed” and how they behave afterward.

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Most other pets are given food items solely to make them enter love mode, but that’s not the case with ocelots. Here’s how to tame them and what happens after that.

How Minecraft 1.19 players can get an ocelot to be their pet

Taming an ocelot is a lot like taming a cat. In fact, it’s almost exactly the same. Raw salmon and raw cod are the two items that can be fed to either cats or ocelots to potentially tame them.

For a Minecraft ocelot, each raw fish that is fed to them has a 33.3% chance of making them trust the player who fed it to them. This might mean that the ocelot eats one fish and hearts show up, and it might also mean that the ocelot eats six fish and nothing happens.

Cats are pretty difficult to tame because of how fast and timid they are. Cats will run away from players no matter what, which makes feeding them the requisite amount of fish a little difficult.

The same is true for ocelots but on a much more difficult scale. Ocelots can sprint, which makes them one of the fastest mobs in the game. They will use this sprint speed if a Minecraft gamer feeding them moves ever so slightly or too fast.

They also spawn in the jungle, which is usually dense. All of this combined makes ocelots one of the most difficult mobs to tame. Their behavior afterward might also make players hesitant to try and tame them.

Taming ocelots (Image via Mojang)

Once an ocelot is tamed, it becomes “trusting.” This ocelot will be friendly to the player and won’t sprint away from them. The ocelot can then be bred by feeding it the same food items and then doing the same with a second trusting ocelot.

The biggest difference between ocelots and cats is that cats will obey the crafter who tamed them. They will follow them around and sit and stand as instructed. This is not true for ocelots. They will continue to mostly do their own thing. They don’t really follow gamers around, and they cannot be told to sit down, either.

The only way for Minecraft gamers to get them to stay somewhere would be to trap them or put them on a lead. Conversely, this is also the only way to get ocelots to follow players around.

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