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Minecraft axolotl guide – how to find, breed, and tame

Where can you find Minecraft axolotl? There’s more to axolotl in Minecraft than just finding them. After all, what’s your plan once you do find one? Without that knowledge, tracking down the elusive critters is a bit of a waste of energy. By learning not only how to find them, but tame and breed them as well, you’ll make the most out of one of the game’s newer critters.

If you’ve decided to play Minecraft purely to track down axolotl, there’s a lot more you’ll need to know before even attempting to make your way to the correct biome. If you’re looking for ways to customize your axolotl’s environment, we have Minecraft seeds and Minecraft mods ready to help you out.

a yellow Minecraft axolotl in a lush cave

Where to find Minecraft axolotl

The Minecraft axolotl can be found only in Lush Caves. These aren’t technically biomes, but an opening that can be found in any deep caves. You’ll typically have a better chance of finding these under dark and humid wooded biomes like most types of jungles. The arid climates found in the Plains or Savana biomes just won’t do.

You’ll find that Azalea trees give away the location of Minecraft Lush Caves, too, making them a great reference point for finding nearby axolotl spawns.

Minecraft axolotl spawn requirements

Axolotl spawn within five blocks of a Clay Block. This can serve as a visual guide or reference point when searching for them. They also demand darker environments, which makes sense given their exclusivity to the areas that constitute a Lush Cave.

Unless you’re setting up an axolotl farm with a Nether Portal, expect to get wet searching for these critters. They feed on hostile marine life like Squid, small fish, and even Drowned, which can be used to your advantage when scouting them out.

You can tame a Minecraft axolotl by putting a lead on it

How do you tame a Minecraft axolotl?

A Minecraft axolotl can’t technically be tamed, but you can still have them as pets. If you’re planning on making your own army of axolotl, the first thing you’ll need is a bucket. These creatures can be captured simply by scooping them up in a bucket. Then, let them free near your Minecraft house to create your own little axolotl ecosystem.

You can also use a bucket of Tropical Fish to lure the axolotl to your desired location, though this might be difficult if you’re planning on keeping it in captivity.

Like with any Minecraft mob, it can still wander away of its own volition though, and will eventually die if it doesn’t find water. However, if you place your axolotl in deep enough water, at least two blocks deep, it should return – you may still want to create a walled aquarium if you’d like to be sure of keeping them around, though.

Like most other animals in the game, you can tame axolotl in Minecraft by using a lead on one. This will allow the axolotl to follow you around, giving it the means to attack most other aquatic life and passing on benefits like Health Regeneration to your character.

Minecraft axolotl breeding: Two adult axolotls and a baby walk towards water

How to breed Minecraft axolotls

To breed axolotl in Minecraft, you need to feed one a Bucket of Tropical Fish. These are Water Buckets combined with tropical fish species. Once fed, the axolotl will give birth to a baby axolotl, with its colour being that of one of its parents chosen at random or, in very rare cases, blue.

Axolotl that give birth cannot do so again for at least a minute. Baby axolotl will always follow an adult axolotl, eventually growing into one itself after around 20 minutes. This timer can be reduced by 10% for every Bucket of Tropical Fish fed to the baby axolotl.

Minecraft axolotl farm

Because Minecraft axolotls spawn in very specific conditions, it’s easy to farm them simply by recreating their Lush Cave environments. YouTuber Chapman documented a quick and relatively easy way to build a makeshift Lush Cave that can spawn dozens of axolotl in no time at all.

By building at the correct depth of below Y:63, mimicking a dark, wet space, and keeping prey like Squid or Drowned in a separate nearby chamber, you can trick axolotl into spawning wherever you want.

This was originally devised as a way to get a blue axolotl without breeding back when they could spawn in the wild. Nowadays, however, it’s used as a way to amass a large colony of breeding axolotl for the same purpose.

What do axolotls do in Minecraft?

Axolotls in Minecraft serve more than just an aesthetic purpose. They’re versatile companions that, like cats or wolves, stay by your side and attack specific enemies typically found in the waters. For that reason, they’re best used for exploring the oceans or any wet caverns you come across.


In combat, axolotls will always attack aquatic life other than frogs, turtles, dolphins, and other axolotl. They prefer to go after hostile mobs, but they will target non-hostile mobs if they’re available. They deal low to medium damage with each hit, and can “play dead” when reduced below a certain HP threshold, losing the attention of an attacking mob and slowing healing itself before jumping back into the fight.

A cyan Minecraft axolotl plays dead in the water after being hit


Axolotls are designed to help you in combat and, potentially due to their critically endangered status in the real world, do not drop anything other than a few orbs of experience if defeated in Minecraft. There’s very little reason to defeat them, but plenty of reasons to keep them around and breed them so that they’re around for a while longer.

How rare is the Minecraft axolotl?

Axolotls aren’t too difficult to find. So long as you’re searching in heavily wooded areas like the Dark Forest, Old Growth Taiga, and Wooded Badlands biomes, you’ll have a good chance of finding the Lush Caves beneath the water that typically host axolotls.

The Minecraft axolotl comes in multiple colors and the rarest is blue

Axolotl colors

Throughout Minecraft, you’ll have the chance to run into axolotl of five different colors: leucistic, wild, gold, cyan and, the rarest of the bunch, blue.

A blue axolotl cannot be found in the wild. To get one, you need to be extremely lucky when breeding axolotl of any color. Baby axolotl typically take on the color of one of the parents at birth, but there’s a very slim chance that they can be born as blue axolotl instead.

The blue axolotl supposedly references the number of axolotls still alive in the real world. You only have a 1/1200 chance of baby axolotl being blue regardless of the color of its parents.

If you didn’t already know everything there is to know about axolotls in Minecraft, now you do. For more guides on other versatile Minecraft mobs, big and small, check out how to get Minecraft honeycomb from Minecraft bees and how to tame a Minecraft camel – you never know when one might come in handy.