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Minecraft: Here’s How to Easily Teleport Someone to You

There’s a plethora of ways to move throughout the Minecraft world fast, and a lot of them involve animals or mechanized transportation, still, the players, especially in the middle of a sticky situation such as combat are always looking for ways to make it even faster. This is why teleportation exists. And while we are aware that you can teleport virtually anywhere by using commands or other means, is it possible to teleport other players to you as well? It is, and today we’re going to explain how.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in October 2023 and it reflects the most up-to-date state of the game.

Teleporting yourself in Minecraft is much easier than teleporting someone else to your own location

We know that Minecraft has some mechanics implemented into the game that don’t necessarily involve cheating but allow you to spawn from one location to the other quickly.

The most common ones are Ender Pearls and Chorus Fruit. While Ender Pearls are most often utilized to reach hard-to-reach places, Chorus Fruit is capable of teleporting you eight blocks away starting from your position.

minecraft boat

There are also a plethora of mechanics that only technically count as teleportation such as mounting an animal, dying, entering a boat, and lying down in a bed. But those mechanics can’t be utilized to teleport another entity or a player to your own location. So how is it done?

How to teleport another player to yourself? Step-by-step guide

To teleport another player to your own location you’re going to need to use cheats. So make sure that before you attempt this, have cheats enabled. Then we’re ready to start teleporting.

  1. Press “T” to open the console.
  2. Type”/tp OtherPlayer’sname Yourname“.
  3. If my player’s name is A1 and I want to teleport a player named B2 to my location I’m going to use /tp b2 a1
  4. After you’ve executed this command there’s really not that much to do verify that it works other than the fact that another player spawned right next to you.

If you want to teleport yourself to another player’s location, simply reverse the order of names in the command.

Can you teleport other players in Multiplayer game mode?

It’s possible to teleport other players to your location in multiplayer mode as well. The command is exactly the same /tp OtherPlayer’sname Yourname. If you want to teleport all players to your own position, in that case, the teleport command that should be used is: /teleport @a @s.

Can you teleport other entities to yourself?

It’s possible to teleport other entities to yourself in Minecraft and the command is fairly simple.

  1. Press “T” to open console.
  2. Type “/tp @e[type=mobtype] @p“
  3. For example, to teleport all surrounding squids to my location, I’m going to type /tp @e[type=minecraft:squid] @p
  4. ALL entities in your vicinity will be teleported to you. If there are too many of them, the game might start to lag.

Keep in mind that if your chosen entity is not near to you, at least nowhere in the loaded world, the command won’t work. If I am to try that same command to teleport all axolotls to my location, it won’t work because the game can’t find required mobs in my vicinity.

teleporting squids to my location

And that’s about it, now you know nearly everything about teleportation and you can go around using it for good purposes or abuse it to annoy other players around you.

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