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IPhone: Enable or Disable Caller ID

If you don’t wish for others to see your number appear on their caller ID display when placing a call from your Apple iPhone, you can block caller ID on iPhone. Also, you can enable caller ID on your iPhone when you no longer want to make your phone number private.

Your iPhone comes with a handy feature to help you protect your privacy while calling unknown people. Yes, you got that right! It’s the Show My Caller ID feature. By enabling this functionality, you can effortlessly stop making your mobile phone number public, especially if you’re a VIP or simply to avoid the attention of the marketing people. Below, I explain how to block caller ID on iPhone and how to enable it when needed.

What’s Caller ID?

Caller ID is a mobile and home phone telecommunications service that enables you and your caller to know each other’s mobile phone numbers. Some advanced caller ID services can also display the city, state, name, picture, etc., details of the incoming caller. If you’ve already saved the mobile number of the incoming caller with a name, then your smartphone can show the name of the person without relying on any paid services.

What’s Caller ID Blocking?

The Caller ID Blocking service allows you to prevent your phone number from being shown on the recipient’s Caller ID display, either on a temporary or permanent basis, and it’s free of charge. However, it’s worth noting that certain numbers, such as 800 numbers and 911, cannot be blocked. Find below the reasons of blocking caller ID on iPhone:

  • Protecting personal privacy
  • Avoiding unwanted calls or spam
  • Preventing telemarketers from calling back
  • Keeping business calls professional
  • Maintaining anonymity while making important calls
  • Preventing harassment or stalking
  • Avoiding international calling fees while traveling
  • Preserving the element of surprise for surprise calls or pranks

What’s Show My Caller ID on iPhone?

The Show My Caller ID feature of the iPhone gives you the option to force turn off caller ID on iPhone when you call someone, especially businesses, and retail stores that may sell your number to marketing companies. However, the feature shall only work when the service provider allows the “block caller ID on iPhone” feature. You might want to note that this feature can’t hide your mobile number or email address when using FaceTime messaging or video calling.

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How to Disable Caller ID on iPhone

Follow these steps to turn off caller ID on iPhone using built-in a built-in functionality:

  • Open Settings app.
  • Scroll down on the Settings screen to the Phone app and tap on it.
Settings Phone settings on iPhone
Settings Phone settings on iPhone
  • On the Phone settings screen, scroll down to the Calls section. Touch the Show My Caller ID option.
Phone Settings Calls section
Phone Settings Calls section
  • Toggle off the Show My Caller ID feature.
Show My Caller ID on iPhone
Learn how to disable caller ID on iPhone

You may see the Show My Caller ID feature greyed out and there’s no way to disable the toggle button. It means the mobile carrier company doesn’t allow this functionality.

Block Caller ID on iPhone Using a Short Code

If you like to use the caller ID blocking feature from an iPhone occasionally but not all the time, then try these steps:

  • Open the Phone app and type the following:


  • Type the mobile phone number you wish to call:


  • The final number being called becomes the following:

*67 5551-236666

Using an alternative short code on iPhone dialer to disable caller ID

  • Now, tap the dial button.

This shortcode preceding the actual mobile number activates caller ID blocking. The recipients see Anonymous, Private, Unknown Caller, or some other indication. If *67 doesn’t work, try #31#.

Using a short code on iPhone dialer to disable caller ID
Using a short code on the iPhone dialer to block caller ID on iPhone

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How to Enable Caller ID on iPhone

If you’ve been hiding the caller ID for a long time and some of the known contacts aren’t happy with it, here’s how to re-enable caller ID on an iPhone:

  • Open Settings and select Phone.
  • Choose the Show My Caller ID option under the Calls section.
  • Slide the toggle button to enable the feature.
Learn how to enable caller ID on iPhone
Learn how to enable caller ID on iPhone

Unblock Caller ID on iPhone Using a Short Code

Suppose, you want to disable caller ID permanently and show caller ID manually to a specific contact you call. You can easily do that by following these steps:

  • Type the following shortcode:


  • Now, type the rest of the mobile phone number and tap the call button.
  • This enables the caller ID.

Turn off Caller ID on iPhone: Workarounds

You may not get the caller ID blocking feature on your iPhone in all countries. The telecom regulatory authorities of many countries don’t allow caller ID-blocking. In such a scenario, you can try the following workarounds:

Use an Alternative SIM Card

The best and the most affordable option to disable caller ID on iPhone is using a SIM card for public calls. You can use this SIM when you call business services and unknown people. Use the SIM ejection tool on the iPhone box to open the SIM tray of the iPhone. Then, replace your personal SIM card with an alternative SIM. Make calls and replace them with personal SIM when you need to call close contacts.

Contact Carrier

If none of the above is a suitable option for you, contact the customer service of the mobile network provider and see if they offer any personalized plan that includes caller ID blocking. Here are the support sites of popular mobile carriers in the US:

  • AT&T Customer Support
  • Verizon Support
  • T-Mobile Support
  • U.S. Cellular

Final Words

So, now you know how to disable and enable caller ID on your iPhone provided that the mobile carrier company allows this feature. You can use the temporary call-blocking solution to block a few calls to unknown businesses and shops that might disclose your number to telecallers. Alternatively, you can permanently block caller ID for all calls by disabling the Show My Caller ID on the iPhone settings. Then, use a short code to unhide calls to people you know and trust.

Don’t forget to share your comments below about your experience while trying the above tips and tricks to disable and enable caller ID on your iPhone.

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