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How to Turn Off Google Text to Speech?

Google Text to Speech is an AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) powered application developed by Google. The application enables users to convert text to human-like speech automatically using Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered API technologies.

The text-to-speech application was initially launched by the tech giant back in 2013. Originally, the application was only available for Android devices and supported a few languages. Over the years, the functions and features of the application have greatly expanded to support all major operating systems (OS), including Android, iOS, and Windows. The application today supports 60+ languages and accents worldwide and can read-aloud text in these languages. The application is widely used for various purposes, including reading books, translating text, and other accessibility-based applications.

Speech to Text Software
Speech-to-Text Software

Some of the useful applications of Google text-to-speech software include;

  • Enabling users to identify/hear grammatical errors in the text
  • Hearing web content read aloud
  • Assisting visually impaired people
  • Identify awkward phrasing
  • Helping people with learning difficulties

Since the application supports major operating systems and diverse languages, it is accessible to many global populations. Below are some of the languages supported by Google text-to-speech:

Languages supported by Google Text to Speech

  1. Javanese (Indonesia)
  2. Kannada (India)
  3. Kashmiri (India)
  4. Kazakh (Kazakhstan)
  5. Khmer (Cambodia)
  6. Korean (South Korea)
  7. Ladakhi (India)
  8. Lithuanian (Lithuania)
  9. Luxembourgish (Luxembourg)
  10. Malagasy (Madagascar)
  11. Malayalam (India)
  12. Marathi (India)
  13. Nepali (Nepal)
  14. Norwegian Bomkål (Norway)
  15. Odia (India)
  16. Persian (Iran)
  17. Polish (Poland)
  18. Portuguese (Brazil)
  19. Portuguese (Portugal)
  20. Punjabi (India)
  21. Romanian (Romania)
  22. Russian (Russia)
  23. Sindhi (Pakistan)
  24. Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
  25. Slovak (Slovakia)
  26. Spanish (Spain)
  27. Spanish (United States)
  28. Sundanese (Indonesia)
  29. Swedish (Sweden)
  30. Tamil (India)
  31. Telugu (India)
  32. Thai (Thailand)
  33. Turkish (Turkey)
  34. Ukrainian (Ukraine)
  35. Urdu (Pakistan)
  36. Uzbek (Uzbekistan)
  37. Vietnamese (Vietnam)
  38. Arabic
  39. Bengali (Bangladesh)
  40. Bengali (India)
  41. Cantonese (Hong Kong)
  42. Chinese (China)
  43. Chinese (Taiwan)
  44. Czech (Czechia)
  45. Danish (Denmark)
  46. Dutch (Netherlands)
  47. English (Australia)
  48. English (India)
  49. English (Nigeria)
  50. English (United Kingdom)
  51. English (United States)
  52. Estonian (Estonia)
  53. Filipino (Philippines)
  54. Finnish (Finland)
  55. French (Canada)
  56. French (France)
  57. German (Germany)
  58. Greek (Greece)
  59. Gujarati (India)
  60. Hindi (India)
  61. Hungarian (Hungary)
  62. Indonesian (Indonesia)
  63. Italian (Italy)
  64. Japanese (Japan)

How to turn off google text to speech on Android?

Google Text to Speech application is available and turned on on all android devices like other speech-to-text apps. However, if you don’t wish to use the application, you can turn it off by following the below-mentioned steps;

  • Open settings on your Android device
  • Scroll down to the Audio and Video section
  • Tap text-to-speech
  • Toggle “Switch Off”
  • Open Google Play Store
  • Search “Text to Speech”
  • Tap on the right application
  • Toggle “TTS OFF” from the main screen

How to disable google text to speech on Windows?

Are you fed up with the frustrating sound your PC or laptop makes every time you type a word? The sound is due to the Google Text to Speech application that may be “Turn On” by default.

The good news is that you can easily turn off the Text to Speech on Windows 10 by using the “Turn off a text to speech” keyboard shortcut inside the “Settings” option. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to disable Google text to speech on Windows.

  • Open the Settings
  • Click on “Interaction” on the right pane
  • Click “Speech”
  • Select the “Speech button”, which can be found under the “Start Menu.”
  • Turn off the text-to-speech option

Alternatively, you can simply use the Win + Ctrl + S keyboard shortcut to turn off the Google Text to Speech.

How to remove google text to speech on Apple iOS?

Like Android and Windows OS, Google Text to Speech application is also available for iOS devices. However, the application isn’t turned on by default, as in Android devices.

Nonetheless, if the app is turned on and you no longer wish to continue using the feature, you can turn off the feature by following the below-mentioned steps;

  • Navigate to “Settings” from the home screen
  • Click “Dictation Switch” to “Turn off” the text-to-speech app
  • Click “Confirm”


Google text-to-speech is a high-utility and versatile application that has garnered strong user support globally. However, like all other applications, sometimes users just want to turn off the auto functions of text-to-speech and continue their normal operations. In this blog, we have tried to simplify the process of turning-off text to speech on major operating systems. We hope you will be able to follow these steps easily. At Folio3, we offer our clients the leading integration and development services for Google and third-party applications, including Google speech integration, back-end software integration, custom Google speech app development, and support and troubleshooting services. Reach out to us for further details and assistance.