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How To Unarchive Instagram Posts? Everything You should know

You can archive a post.

Yes, you can hide it from the public without deleting it. Instagram story archiving can be automated to ensure your creations are always preserved.

However, the best part about the archive feature is that archived posts can be restored or unarchived at any time to your feed, making it open for your followers to engage again.

The archiving and unarchiving potential of Instagram profiles expanded for the account adaptability of Instagram users.

The users practice it only while being in a dilemma to share photos or videos with their followers.

In this blog, we will see how you can unarchive your Instagram posts and take full advantage of this feature.

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Now, let’s get started.

What Are Archive And Unarchive? What’s Their Purpose?

Instagram’s users completely control their accounts’ information, videos, or images. Users can modify or update their profile information at any time.

You can archive a shared post to hide it from your Instagram profile and prevent it from being seen by your followers and other users. The best feature of this archive is that all the likes and comments received on the post are retained when it is unarchived.

You can go unarchiving if you change your mind or feel like surfacing your archived post. The post’s likes and comments are restored to your profile when unarchived.

Can Archive Instagram Posts Stop My Account Growth?

Users can still see how well each archived post performed in relation to the various engagement metrics and how it relates to your Instagram account as a whole.

The archived posts’ likes, comments, and overall engagement remain the same. Therefore, it has no effect.

The option for archiving on Instagram lets you save memories, hide posts, and keep your profile in order. With just a few clicks on the screen. Being familiar with the archiving tool makes it easier for users to maintain their Instagram profile and safeguard memories.

How To Unarchive An Instagram Post

1.Open Your Instagram Account

Log in to the Instagram account by opening the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone smartphone or tablet. Next, locate the profile icon in the app’s bottom right corner. To access your profile page, tap the picture.

2. Access The Archive

Track down the burger menu (≡) in the upper right corner of the Instagram application. To access the menu panel that contains the Instagram Archive feature, tap on it. The word “Archive” will be at the top. To access the settings, tap Archive.

3. Select Posts to Unarchive

You will see “Stories Archive” when you open the Archive settings and select posts to unarchive. To open the options, tap on that. Pick “Posts Chronicle” on an Android gadget. Select “Posts” from the top of the list if you have an iPhone or iOS device. Select the post you wish to delete.

When you open the Archive, some posts will appear immediately. To return to the original post, tap on the archived post you wish to unarchive.

4. Unarchive Posts

Posts can be unarchived by clicking the menu icon with three dots (or) in the post’s upper right corner. Two options appear when you tap it: Show on Profile and Erase.

Select “Show on Profile” to remove a post from the archive. Instagram will restore your post, including all interactions, including likes, to where it was before you archived it.

How To Access The Instagram Story Archive?

You can view stories that have expired by accessing your Instagram archive. All your accounts are naturally put away here, except if you disable the archive feature. To view the archive of your Instagram stories, follow the steps –

  • Tap Posts Archive from the Archive
  • Click on the archive story
  • Look back at your stories and memories. To view any, tap on it
  • Tap More to post it again to your profile
  • To post it on your Instagram profile, tap Share as a post

How To Unarchive Instagram Reels And Videos?

To unarchive Instagram posts, follow the given steps –

  • Go to your Instagram account’s Profile page
  • At the top, tap the Hamburger icon
  • Select the Instagram Archive feature
  • Choose the video or reel that you want to unarchive
  • Tap the three-dot symbol and snap the Show button on Profile to unarchive the reel

What’s Next? Growing Your Instagram Account

It is now difficult to acquire organic Instagram followers. Numerous accounts continue to follow you but later unfollow you, and many bots comment solely for attention. Therefore, you must be authentic, consistent, and stand out in the competition.

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People are diverse, and Instagram’s security policies are more stringent. You risk losing your account if a bot or fake follower is discovered.

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The option for archiving on Instagram lets you save memories, hide posts, and keep your profile in order. A post can be archived or unarchived with just a few clicks on the screen. So you can now relax, keep your profile arranged, and control what showcase to amongst the public. This feature of Instagram doesn’t affect the profile reach or popularity level.


But growing your account can become ten times easier with real people following, liking, and commenting on your posts. This way, you bring attention to your account and add life to your credibility ratio. All thanks to Thunderclap and GPC for giving these high-quality services to users within a pocket-friendly range of packages.


1. How Do I Mass Archive Instagram Posts?

To mass archive, the Instagram posts follow the given steps-

  • To access your profile, tap your picture in the bottom right.
  • Tap at the top.
  • Tap Photos and videos after selecting Your Activity.
  • Select from the top-right menu after selecting Posts.
  • Select the posts you want to save by tapping on them.
  • Tap Archive at the bottom of the page after selecting posts to archive.

2. Will Instagram Notify Users Of Unarchived Posts?

It won’t, no. When you unarchive a post, your followers will receive no notification. However, you can keep all of the likes and comments it had before you put it in storage with the archive feature.

3. Is There A Time Limit To Archiving Posts?

There is no time limit. Until you delete them, Instagram posts that have been archived are stored indefinitely. They never expire automatically.

4. Can You Archive And Unarchive Live Broadcasts?

Yes. Unless you disable it in the Story settings, Instagram archives live broadcasts automatically to your Live Archive.

5. Can I Buy Instant Likes And Followers Through Thunderclap?

Yes. You can buy likes and followers through Thunderclap when required at a low price that would fit your budget. Moreover, they offer auto refill services, again a boon to the users.

6. How To Grow My Instagram Account Organically?

  • Always remember that Instagram is primarily a visual platform
  • A crisp image, relevant background, and natural light will do wonders
  • But if you don’t tell a story behind it and give it your twist, a photo is just a photo.
  • Include catchy and meaningful captions that are pertinent to the posts.
  • You can boost your likes, followers, and engagement rates by publishing your content consistently.

7. Is Thunderclap Safe To Use?

Absolutely. Thunderclap is very safe to use, with thousands of users currently using their packs with apt satisfaction with the services.

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