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How to unmute someone’s story on Instagram?‍

Muting someone on Instagram is a great way to remove someone from your feed silently without letting them know. You can mute someone’s Instagram story feed, posts, messages, and even their Instagram profile, without unfollowing them!

Sometimes, you may also want to unmute them because accidentally muted stories or want to connect with them again by viewing their content.

There are multiple ways to unmute someone’s Instagram account, story, and even post or message. Muting someone on Instagram is far different than restricting, hiding or blocking an account.

In this article, we focus on the methods by which you can unmute someone’s Instagram story.

How to Unmute Someone


Sometimes, we are irritated by someone and have muted their stories so that you don’t see them on your stories bar. But now you want to unmute their Instagram story and now wondering a way to unmute them. Here are 3 ways to unmute:

  • Method 1: Open Instagram app and go to the muted story. From there, you can directly unmute someone’s story just by a long press and tapping on muted stories.

  • Method 2: Unmute stories by landing on their account. Long press on the ‘follow’ and ‘unfollow’ buttons, and select the toggles as seen on the menu bar.

  • Method 3: From your profile’s left corner, go to Instagram settings and click the privacy button, where you’ll find all muted accounts. Unmute them just by tapping the profile and choose unmute option.

What happens when we mute someone’s stories?

You will no longer see their stories on your feed when you mute someone’s story. Also, Instagram won’t let them know you muted them. If we don’t want to unfollow someone but do not want to see them any longer, we usually mute their stories, posts, messages, or even Instagram accounts.

To mute stories, open Instagram: at the top of the feed, tap and hold the profile picture of a person’s stories and you will see a pop up of the mute option, tap mute and view there as usual.

After muting them, you will not see their story on the top of your feed, and they will no longer play automatically when you watch other people’s stories.

How to unmute story on Instagram?

Follow below mentioned techniques to unmute and reveal someone else’s posts and stories. Additionally, you can employ these techniques to mute the posts and articles of users you no longer wish to follow:

  • Unmute Stories from Instagram News Feed

  • Unmute Instagram Stories and Posts from Instagram profile

  • See all Muted Accounts and Unmute From There

Let’s understand all these methods to unmute someone’s Instagram story for both Android device & iOS users in detail:

Method 1: Unmute stories from Instagram news feed

Step 1: When we mute someone’s Instagram story, the profile icon we have unmuted is seen on the end of the story bar swipe left on the right above corner without any colorful ring. To find their account, you need to scroll to the end of your stories feed and find that unmuted account.

Tap on the Muted Story.

Step 2: To unmute someone on Instagram app, tap and long press on the muted story for some seconds; you will see two options in the menu bar, ‘view profile’ and ‘unmute profile.’

Tap unmute, and it will start appearing on your story bar as usual.

Click on Unmute Story

Method 2: Unmute Instagram stories and posts from Instagram

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and go to the muted account.

Tap on Following Button from person

Step 2: On the account, you’ll see a “Follow” button; tap the button. Here, you’ll see some options on the pop up menu, ‘Unmute,’ ‘Restrict, and ‘Unfollow.’ Tap on the Unmute button.

Tap on the Mute Button

Step 3: You will see toggles next to stories and posts. Unmute someone’s stories by tapping on toggles.

Unmute Stroies and Posts by Tap on the Toggles

Method 3: See all muted accounts and unmute from there

This method is handy among all of them, as if you muted many people on Instagram. You can see all of them and whether you have muted their posts or stories.

Step 1: Go to your Instagram profile page, followed by the hamburger menu on the next screen. Click on the three dots on your Instagram account’s left corner and select the settings button.

Tap on the Settings

Step 2: In the menu, you’ll see privacy, scroll down to muted accounts and tap on the same to view a list of all your muted profiles.

Open the Privacy Option

Step 3: Here, you will see all the muted accounts with complete information on whether you have muted posts, stories, or Instagram accounts.

Go On the Muted Accounts

Step 4: Choose any person’s profile you want to unmute; tapping on it will redirect to their profile page.

Open Muted Profile

Step 5: Now, tap the following button and unmute the person’s stories or photos from the toggle menu.

Unmute Someone

Unmute stories on Instagram today

These three easy methods are all used on the Instagram app for mobile device and iPhone users to unmute someone’s Instagram story. You can read more articles on how to. We hope you are now aware of how to unmute old stories. Please let us know in the comment box below if you have more questions or doubts.


How to unmute someone’s Instagram posts?

To view and unmute the mute accounts. You can directly unmute them from your Instagram feed and go to the end of the story list. You can unmute an account by touching and holding it. From the menu, choose Unmute.

How to unmute someone’s Instagram account?

To mute or unmute a person, tap the chat with that person. Tap in the chat’s upper right corner. To mute or unmute someone, tap or next to Mute messages.

How to unmute someone you don’t follow?

To view and unmute the muted accounts, scroll to the end of the story list. You can unmute a private account you don’t follow by touching and holding it. From the menu, choose Unmute.