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4 Ways to Get New Emojis on Android

In this digital age where many of us prefer text messaging over phone calls and other forms of communication, emojis are the best way to liven up conversations as they help express feelings better. If you’re looking for more variety in emojis, here’s how to get new emojis on your Android phone.

Get New Emojis on Android

Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can get new Emojis, especially if you are using an Android smartphone. In this guide, we will show you four such ways. So, follow along.

1. Update Your Android Phone for Updated Emojis

Apart from bringing features and improving stability, the latest Android updates mostly bring new emojis or update the existing ones on your Android phone. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Open Settings and tap About phone.

tap about phone in Xiaomi

Step 2: Tap the software version and hit ‘Check for updates’.

Note: Ensure you are connected to the internet.

tap the current software version
tap check for updates

Step 3: If there is any update available, tap Download update.

tap download update

Step 4: Wait for the update to finish.

Step 5: Once downloaded, tap Reboot now to complete the installation process.

Note: Depending on the brand you are using, the steps and option name might change here and there. Hence, you can use the search feature on the settings app to search for the latest updates.

2. Add Emojis Using Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen

The Emoji Kitchen, a feature found on Gboard, simplifies the process to add your emojis to Android. While the output will be coming out as stickers, it can still be considered as new emojis.

Keep in mind, this is a feature that you can only enjoy on supported messaging apps. In our testing, we were able to use this on popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram. Before we look at how to get new emojis on your Android device using Gboard, let’s ensure you have Installed or updated the app to its latest version.

So, we have divided the steps into two parts, if you have the updated Gboard app, you can skip to part 2.

Part 1: Install or Update Gboard

Step 1: Open Play Store and tap the search bar on the top.

Step 2: Search Gboard and tap Install/Update.

tap the search bar
tap update or install

Part 2: Get Cool Emojis on Gboard

Step 1: Open a messaging app of your choice.

Step 2: Tap the emoji icon on the left of the Space bar.

tap the emoji icon at the bottom

Step 3: Use any emojis of your choice and wait for the suggestions.

Step 4: Choose the one that suits your need and it will be sent to the recipient.

choose the emojis of your choice
choose an option from the emoji kitchen

In our testing, we got customized emojis even with one emoji. However, if you use more than one, it can make Gboard to be more creative and show you more interesting emojis.

3. Add Your Own Emoji

If you are not happy with all the emojis, you can even make your own emojis. Yes. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned in our guide on how to make an emoji of yourself.

4. Try a Third-Party Keyboard to Get New Android Emojis

There are many third-party apps with which you can get new emojis including iPhone emojis on your Android smartphone. We have handpicked some of them below for you to choose one.

1. Design Keyboard

For those who want a feature-rich and unique keyboard, you should consider Design Keyboard. You get various customization options as well as a wide range of cute emoji options, including Text Emoticons, Expressions, People, Actions, Hearts, Animals, and Foods.

design keyboard emojis
design keyboard

It also comes with a better set of ready-made emojis which can enhance your text conversations. The best part about this keyboard is that it won’t throw you irritating ads. There are also additional features such as an option to control the cursor, clipboard, translate, and many more.

Download Design keyboard

2. LED Keyboard

For those who want a cool-looking LED keyboard for Android, this can be your choice. It is vibrant and customizable, with a variety of backlit options such as RGB, neon effects, and many more. When you open this keyboard app and go to ‘Emoji & Stickers’ you will find various ready-made emoji sets that you can use in your conversations to make them more lively and fun.

emoji maker in led keyboard
themes in led keyboard

For those who want more, there are GIFs with a prediction feature that will give you suggestions on which GIF is suitable to use based on what you are typing. Apart from that, this keyboard comes with usual features such as glide typing, speech-to-text, smart suggestions, and auto-correction.

However, if you are using the free version, you will see ads once in a while. Thankfully, those ads only appear when you open the app and are pretty short.

Download LED keybaord

How to Install Emoji Keyboard on Android

Once you install any of the third-party emoji keyboards for Android, you will be required to enable the keyboard to use it. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Open Settings and tap Additional settings.

tap additional settings

Step 2: Choose ‘Language & input’.

Step 3: Now, tap Manage keyboards.

tap languages and input
tap manage keyboards

Step 4: Here, turn on the keyboard you want to you.

Step 5: If asked, tap OK to confirm.

turn on the keyboard you want to use on your android phone
tap ok to confirm

Note: Since the option names and steps might differ based on the manufacturer and software version you are on, you can try searching Languages & input in the settings search bar. From here, you will be able to get on track.

FAQs on Getting New Emojis on Android

Make Your Typing Experience Better

There’s no doubt that adding sprinkles of emojis can improve your typing experience. Hence, if you were in search to get new emojis on Android, we hope that this guide helped. If you have any suggestions or queries, let us know in the comments below.