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How To Use SD Card As Internal Storage On Android 

It is an annoying feeling to run out of storage space especially when you are trying to download a very important application or media file. Even though it is possible to expand internal memory with a microSD card, some android users worry that apps might malfunction if installed on the memory card. If you want to learn how to use SD card as internal storage on Android, you will never have to worry about this anymore. With this method, the SD card becomes a part of the internal storage on android. Here are some solutions for you about how to use sd card as internal memory

how to use sd card as internal storage on android

Format SD card as internal storage

You will find this solution particularly useful if you are running out of internal memory already. Some apps do not agree to install on an external MicroSD card. For such apps, here is how to use SD card as internal storage on your android device.

Note though that not all brands or models support this solution. For instance, brands like Samsung and LG do not have this feature in newer versions of their phones. For brands that allow you to format SD cards as internal storage, ensure that you use a fast and reliable SD card. If the SD card is of low quality, it may cause a lag in your phone performance. Carlcare service centers have top quality and warranty-covered SD cards that will give you optimum performance.

Here are the steps to follow.

  • Get a new SD card for this purpose. If you choose to use an old SD card, everything on it will be erased.
  • Slot the MicroSD card into the slot designed for this purpose.
  • Then power the phone on and wait for the phone to boot.
  • Launch Settings>Navigate to Storage and tap on it.
  • The next page will present you with three options – the RAM, internal storage and memory card.
  • To select the SD card, tap the three vertical dots(menu button) by the right corner of the screen.
  • Select Format as internal
  • Depending on your phone, you may find the Format as an internal option under Storage settings.
  • Next, tap Erase & Format
  • If the system detects your microSD card to be lower quality, you will see a warning popup that the SD card will degrade performance. You may decide to stop at this point and change the SD card or you can proceed.
  • If you proceed with a slow SD card, data transfers may take longer, and apps stored on it may stutter.
  • When it is done formatting as internal memory, it will notify you. You can move some of your files and apps right away by tapping on Move Now.
  • Click Done

Note: Formatting an sd card will wipe out the data inside the card.

Keep in mind that some apps may still not install on the SD card even after it has been converted to internal memory. It is at the discretion of the app developer to enable or disable adopted storage in the app by adding relevant attributes in the code.

Your SD card will now be listed below the internal shared storage and you cannot use it on another device unless you reformat it. Be mindful of removing the SD card at all, as it can affect your phone performance. If you do, apps installed on the SD storage may stop or be affected.

Use SD card as default storage for installing apps

You can change the default storage to an SD card in a few steps. It will allow you to install your apps directly to the SD card. If you do this, the SD card will also be acting as internal storage. The solution is an easy one and is compatible with many android devices.

  • Insert the SD card into the slot.
  • Launch Settings
  • Navigate and Tap Storage
  • Check for the SD card.
  • Click on it to set the SD card as the default storage place.
  • From the Home screen, Tap File Browser open
  • Navigate and select Apps
  • Choose a particular app to be installed on an SD card
  • ClickMove
  • Select SD card
  • If the app has been installed already, it will be moved to the SD card. If it is not yet installed. it will install on SD card.


Knowing how to use SD cards as internal storage can be considered critical knowledge at this time. Internal storage spaces are hardly ever enough, and there are always more utility applications to be installed on smartphones.

With these solutions, you can get a MicroSD card and expand your phone’s internal memory as much as the phone will allow. Alternatively, you can opt for the second solution and simply move some applications to the SD card to create space. The more free storage you have in your phone’s internal memory, the smoother your experience will be.