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How to download shows and movies on Disney Plus for offline viewing

  • You can download an unlimited number of titles on the Disney Plus mobile app.
  • For a TV show or limited series on the Disney Plus app, you also have the option to download an entire season or just a single episode to watch offline.
  • Disney Plus downloads are kept in the “Downloads” tab located in the app’s bottom menu.
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Like Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services, Disney Plus has downloading capabilities that allow you to watch your favorite Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars films on your own time — and without data or WiFi.

To download content on Disney Plus, you’ll need to find and tap the download icon for each title. All downloads are saved to a folder found in the app’s bottom menu. In addition to adding titles, you can delete them after watching.

Regardless of your device type, the process for downloading shows and films is the same. However, the option to download content is only available on Disney+ iOS or Android apps.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to download movies and TV shows to Disney’s streaming service.

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How to download a movie on the Disney Plus app

1. Open the Disney Plus app.

2. Tap the “Home” tab to browse for a movie, or tap the magnifying glass icon to “Search” the content library.

You can also select a title from your Disney Plus Watchlist.

3. Select the movie you wish to download.

Tap the title you wish to watch to bring up its content page.

4. Tap the download icon to the right of the Play and Add to Watchlist buttons.

A downward-facing arrow in a circle represents the download button.

5. The arrow will change to a loading icon as the download begins.

Tap the stop sign to pause the download.

6. Once a title has successfully downloaded, tap the play button to begin streaming your movie title offline.

The download icon will switch to a mobile phone with a checkmark icon when it has finished.

How to download a TV show on the Disney Plus app

1. Open the Disney Plus app.

2. Tap the “Home” tab to browse for a movie, or tap the magnifying glass icon to “Search” the content library.

3. Select the TV show you want to download and watch offline.

4. To download an entire season of a TV series, go to the show’s page.

Each Disney Plus show and movie will have its own landing page.

5. Swipe up until you see the season number dropdown, and tap the download button to the right of it.

The season dropdown can be found directly underneath the show page’s Episodes tab.

6. Select “Download season” in the pop-up window that appears on the bottom of the app screen.

You can change which season you’re downloading by going to the season number dropdown on the left and changing which season is loaded in the app.

7. Once all episodes are entirely loaded, go to the Download tab and select the show from the list of available downloads.

8. Tap an episode from the list of those available to begin watching.

9. To download a single episode, swipe up until you see the episode you want to download.

10. Tap the download button to the far right of the episode title, beneath the episode image.

The download icon will appear to the right of the episode information icon.

11. Once the episode has successfully downloaded, tap it to begin playing it offline.

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