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How to Watch ESPN on LG TVs: Easy Guide

When the game comes on on the TV, I am usually off at work or too busy to be able to watch the game in its entirety.

I usually watch on my old Roku TV, but I had recently upgraded to an LG C1 OLED, so I decided to catch the highlights of last week’s game on ESPN on my new TV.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find the ESPN+ app anywhere on the TV, so I decided to investigate why this was the case by going to the internet.

After several hours of research, I finally managed to get ESPN+ on my LG TV, which you can learn more about as you read this article.

This article, which I made with the help of the research that I did, should help you get ESPN+ on your LG TV in minutes!

Since the ESPN+ app isn’t available on LG TVs, you would need to mirror your phone or computer to the TV. Alternatively, you can also get a streaming device that supports the ESPN+ app.

Continue reading to find out how you can mirror your phone or computer to your LG TV and how you can watch the service with your TV’s browser.

Is ESPN+ Available On LG TVs?

As of writing this article, ESPN+ is yet to be made available for download on webOS TVs that LG makes, which would mean that there isn’t a native method to watch the content on the app on your LG TV.

Fortunately, it is not the end of the world, and there are still a few ways you can watch ESPN+, even if the TV doesn’t support it.

You’ll have to keep using one of these methods until ESPN+ comes out with the app on the LG Content Store.

Most of the methods are pretty easy to do, so follow my instructions carefully if you want the best experience possible.

Watch Using TV Browser

LG TVs that run on webOS have a built-in web browser with almost identical features to what you would see on your computer or phone.

You can go to the ESPN+ website using this web browser and watch the website’s content.

The content available is the same across platforms, so you won’t be missing anything watching on a web browser, either.

To watch ESPN+ on your web browser:

  1. Launch the Web Browser on the TV from the Apps section of the home screen.
  2. Type https://plus.espn.com/. You can plug in a keyboard if you have trouble typing with the remote.
  3. Log in to ESPN+ with your account.
  4. You’ll be taken back to the home screen.

Now you can use the search bar to find the content you want to watch, and once you’ve found it, start playing to see if everything works fine.

Use A Streaming Stick

The ESPN+ app is available on most streaming devices like the Roku and Fire TV; even though this might seem redundant since you already have a smart TV, you can get one of these to watch the service on your LG TV.

Apple TV is another good choice and supports 4K, like some Fire TV and Roku models.

After you get any of these streaming devices, plug them into the HDMI port of your LG TV, then switch inputs to that port.

Use the remote that came with the streaming device to find the ESPN App from the Roku Channel Store, Amazon App Store, or the Apple App Store and install it.

Launch the app once it is installed and sign in to your ESPN+ account to start watching the content available on the platform.

Mirror Your Phone

The other remaining option would be to mirror your phone to the LG TV and play content with the ESPN+ app available on the phone.

You can cast just the app or the entire screen, but the methods vary depending on what phone you own.

If you have an Android phone and you want to cast the ESPN+ app:

  1. Connect your LG TV and phone to the same Wi-Fi.
  2. Launch the ESPN+ app.
  3. Swipe down the notifications bar and tap Cast, Smart View, or Screen Mirroring, depending on what phone you have.
  4. Select your LG TV from the list of devices.
  5. Start playing content on the ESPN+ app, and it will start playing on your TV as well.

To do this on iOS:

  1. Connect your LG TV and phone to the same Wi-Fi.
  2. Launch the ESPN+ app.
  3. Start playing the content you want to watch on the app.
  4. Tap the AirPlay logo on the player controls.
  5. Select your LG TV from the list of devices.

If you have decided to mirror your screen, remember that anything you do on the phone will also be shown on the TV.

Mirror Your Computer

Besides your phone, you can also mirror the screen of your PC or Mac to the LG TV and use the ESPN+ app on the computer to watch the content on the big screen.

You’ll need to use the Google Chrome browser, which has Chromecast built-in, to cast the tab that has ESPN+ opened on it.

To cast ESPN+ from your computer:

  1. Connect the TV and computer to the same Wi-Fi.
  2. Launch Google Chrome and go to https://plus.espn.com/.
  3. Right-click anywhere on the webpage and click Cast.
  4. Check the top right for a list of images, and select your TV from that list.
  5. Start playing content on the Chrome tab to watch it on the TV.

You can only cast one tab at a time, and this method won’t allow you to mirror your whole screen.

Final Thoughts

Until ESPN comes out with the app on webOS, you’ll be stuck with using one of the methods I discussed in the previous sections.

You’ll also need a subscription to watch all of the content available in the app, and if you’ve got access through a bundle from an internet service, you’ll have to use their account instead.

The picture quality when casting doesn’t depend on what internet speeds you have, and it only needs to know the maximum speeds that your router can handle since it is all done on the same Wi-Fi network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ESPN+ cost?

The basic package that ESPN+ offers goes at about $7 a month, or $70 a year.

The prices of the other packages increase as the amount of content available increases.

Is ESPN+ free right now?

ESPN+ doesn’t offer a free tier, unlike most other streaming services, and you’ll have to add a credit card to pay and use the service.

You can cancel at any time, but you will be charged for the month that you have canceled.

Is ESPN+ included with Disney+?

Disney has a bundle that includes Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu that would cost you $14 a month.

You can select this bundle when signing up for Disney+.

Does Hulu have ESPN+?

If you have the ESPN+ add-on for Hulu, you can watch sports streams from ESPN if your device supports it.

You’ll need to pay for this as an add-on to your Hulu subscription.