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Here is how to watch the Super Bowl for free

Now that it’s only a few days away, football fans and commercial lovers alike from across the country are eagerly preparing for the Super Bowl. Whether that means stocking up on drinks, picking up your favorite snacks, or figuring out which team you’re rooting for, there are plenty of ways to get ready. One of the most important, though, is to find a way to actually watch the Super Bowl that doesn’t cause too much hassle. If you have cable, you’ve got no worries, but if you don’t, things start to get interesting.

There are a number of ways to stream the 2023 Super Bowl, and we’ll get into each of them in detail below. So, if you’re looking for the best ways to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, February 12, keep reading!

How to Stream the Super Bowl for Free

Super Bowl Fox Sports
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There are several ways viewers can stream the Super Bowl for free. And the even better news? You can watch the Super Bowl online for free legally.

Watch the Super Bowl Online on Fox

Fox has the right to air the 2023 Super Bowl, which means that anyone with cable access to Fox can easily watch the Super Bowl. You can also watch the 2023 Super Bowl online at Fox.com with your TV provider login. Another option if you’d like to stream the Super Bowl for those with access to Fox through a cable TV subscription is to watch online at Foxsports.com.

Stream the Super Bowl Free on FuboTV

If you don’t have cable access, fear not! There are still a number of ways to watch the Super Bowl online. Among those is a streaming service called FuboTV that not only grants you access to NBC, and thus the 2023 Super Bowl, but also has a 7-day free trial. If you’re hankering for a way to watch the game but have little interest in any additional content, you can cancel your membership after the big game before your free trial is up.

Stream the Super Bowl on SlingTV

SlingTV is another live TV subscription service for those who want to avoid cable. You can choose from different channel packages, most of which have access to Fox and thus the Super Bowl. SlingTV also has a free trial, but only if you sign up on a Sling compatible device like an Apple TV or Roku. That means you can sign up, watch the Super Bowl for free, and then cancel during your trial to avoid any fees.

You can watch the Super Bowl on YouTube TV

In addition to Fubo and Sling, the Super Bowl is also available through YouTube TV. Like Fubo and Sling, it also comes with a free trial, and offers access to Fox, which should allow you to watch the game without paying. YouTube TV should be available on most devices.

Watch the Super Bowl on Hulu + Live TV

If you haven’t heard from the fairly insistent advertising campaign, Hulu also has a live sports package. Hulu doesn’t seem to have any sort of free trial, though, and it costs $70/mo, so you should be confident you’re going to use this service before you decide to sign up just for the Super Bowl.

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