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8 Fixes to Solve Apple Watch Won’t Charge in 2023

Splendid, versatile, and beautiful!

These are just a few words to describe most Apple Watches. Even without being tech-savvy, you can tell from a distance that these aren’t regular watches. Given the number of functions it performs, you are literally tying another smartphone to your wrist. From monitoring your health to managing your iPhone, Apple Watch does a lot besides telling you the time.

Because of this plethora of activities, it’s natural for its battery to run out quickly. However, if there are no technical faults, an Apple Watch battery should last up to 15 hours, regardless of usage. This timeline depends on your ability to charge it for the recommended hours. Without proper charging, achieving the smartwatch’s benefits would be difficult.

If you are wondering, “Why is my Apple Watch not charging?” We will begin by identifying the possible reasons before delving into providing solutions.

“Why is My Apple Watch Not Charging?”: Here Are Three Possible Reasons

When an Apple watch refuses to charge, there are three possible reasons. First, it is most likely the smartwatch has a fundamental problem requiring you to return it to Apple or wherever you bought it from and get a new one.

Second, it may also be because of a software problem. If that is the case, you need to see a technician to help you fix it. The third possible reason for an Apple Watch not charging is a hardware problem. In this case, there might be an improper connection between the Apple Watch and its charger. These are the three standard reasons when people ask,, “why is my Apple watch not charging?”

So in the next section, we will look at eight possible ways to resolve this problem.

How to Solve Apple Watch Won’t Charge

1. Check all Connections

An excellent place to start diagnosing and resolving an Apple watch that won’t charge is to check all connections to ensure there are no poor connections at any point. Since there are different ways of charging the Apple Watch, the connections each person must check may not be the same.

For instance, if you charge your watch with a dock or stand, you must confirm that the watch maintains a clear connection with the stand or dock. In the same vein, if you are using a USB-C and an adapter to charge, you must confirm that the adapter is firmly connected to the wall and that the USB-C cable is also firmly attached to the Apple watch.

Therefore, the first solution is to check all ports or connections to ensure everything is firm.

2. Watch Out for a Broken Cable

Due to packaging and handling, cables for smartwatches and mobile phones often get damaged internally. Try another Apple Watch with no problem charging with your cable or a dock to rule out this possibility and see if it will work. If you cannot get another Apple Watch from a friend to test it, you can inspect the line physically to see if any part of it is broken.

Alternatively, you can purchase a new USB-C cord and try it with your smartwatch to see if it will charge. If it works, you know the problem is from a faulty cable. You can also troubleshoot your power outlet to be sure it’s not why your device is not charging.

3. What Type of Cable are You Using?

Apple strongly recommends that users of its smartwatches use the USB-C Magnetic Fast Charging Cable or Magnetic Charging Cable that comes with the device for its charging. While there are third-party options that work with the Apple smartwatch, sticking to this recommendation is something you cannot whisk aside if your device is refusing to charge.

4. Force-Restart Your Apple Watch

Sometimes, a software problem may be why your device refuses to charge. In that case, even if you ensure a tight connection and proper magnetic alignment, the problem will persist. Apple recommends that you force-start your watch to rule out this problem. To restart your Apple Watch, you only need to long-press the side button and the Digital Crown for about 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo appear.

5. Some Cleaning May Help

If your Apple watch or its magnetic charger has accumulated dirt, it may refuse to charge. The dust may impede smooth magnetic communication between the two devices. So check and clean the back of the Watch as well as the magnetic charger.

6. Remove Any Plastic Coverings Around Your Charger

Check your apple charger to see any plastic wrappings around it. If you find any, you should remove such because it may hinder the free flow of charges.

7. Ensure Proper Magnetic Alignment

An incorrect magnetic alignment between your Apple Watch and its charger can explain why it is not charging. Try and reposition your watch on the magnetic charger and check if you can see the thunderbolt lightning icon on it. If you see the icon, which is usually green, it means there is a proper alignment, and your Apple Watch should commence charging soon.

8. Return the Watch to Apple for a Repair

If you cannot pinpoint the cause of your Apple watch not charging, you may have to return it, especially if it is a relatively new product. The problem might not be with your hardware; it might be because of a faulty production process which rarely happens with Apple products. You should be able to get a replacement within a few days of your returning it.


Apple has made a great name for itself in the quality production of electronics. It is rare to find Apple watches manifesting problems that you can link to its production process. That is why if your watch is not charging, you have more self-retrospection to do than blame the manufacturer.

Nevertheless, there are a few instances in which the fault is not from you,d it is neither a hardware problem. In such situations, you need technical assistance directly from Apple or someone who is redeemable about it.

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