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10 Ways to Fix Facebook Pay Not Working

Part 2: How to Fix Facebook Pay Not Working (10 Proven Ways)

In this section, you can find 10 proven solutions to fix Facebook Pay not working error. Read the given instructions to implement these solutions on your smart devices.

Fix 1: Observe the Facebook Server Performance

Before diving into the solutions, it’s necessary to check whether the problem has occurred on the Facebook server or on your end. Many times, when the server of Facebook is down, every individual around you is facing the same issue. It means that you are not the only one facing difficulties in using Facebook Pay; instead, everyone is encountering the same issue.

To check the status of the Facebook server, you can visit the website of Downdetector. Here, you can see the reports and details about the current status of the Facebook server. If the Facebook server is down, just wait for some time until the situation becomes normal.

check facebook server status

Fix 2: Check your Internet Connection

Internet availability is the main requirement to use the feature of Facebook Pay easily. If your internet connection is running at a slower speed or encounters any instability, you will be facing the consequences while using Facebook Pay. To get rid of this problem, you can connect your device with a strong Wi-Fi connection or switch on your mobile data. To shift towards mobile data on your phone, use the following steps:

For iPhone Users

Swipe down from the top right to open the “Control Center” on your iPhone screen. Now turn off the “Wi-Fi” feature and tap on “Mobile Data” to switch towards a stable internet connection.

shift to mobile data iphone

For Android Users

Swipe down from the top to open the “Notification Panel.” After that, tap on the “Wi-Fi” option to turn it off. Now click on the “Mobile Data” to turn on this option for a strong internet connection.

enable mobile data option

Fix 3: Check the Facebook Availability in Countries/Regions

A possible cause that your Facebook Pay is not working can be the availability issue. If the Facebook Pay feature is unavailable in your country/region, you won’t be able to access it. Read the following table to check where Facebook Pay is available:

Fix 4: Turn Off VPN

People use VPNs to make their connection and browsing secure and private from viruses. Also, it helps the user with fast browsing speed. However, VPNs can also affect the normal functionality of some apps, such as Facebook. The finance apps that you are using while making online transactions would require an authentic location of yours to confirm the identity. So, it may be possible that your server is connected to another location through a VPN which is causing errors.

To avoid this possibility, it’s recommended to disable the VPN on your device or computer to prevent its negative impact on Facebook. Turn off VPN and then try to use Facebook Pay to check if the problem got eradicated or not.

disable the vpn service

Fix 5: Upgrade Facebook App

To make sure that your Facebook app is working efficiently, always look for its recent updates. By updating to the latest version of Facebook, you can get away with bugs and errors instantly. Read the following instructions to update the Facebook app on your phone to fix Facebook Pay is not working:

For iPhone Users

Step 1: To update your app, first open the App Store. After opening its homepage, click on your “Profile” icon.

launch app store

Step 2: Now, you can see all the updates of your installed applications that are pending. If you find the pending update of the Facebook app, select the “Update” button right next to it to download its latest build.

click on update button

For Android Users

Step 1: For Android users, go to the Play Store on your Android phone. Tap on your “Profile” icon and then click on “Manage Apps and Updates.”

open manage apps and device settings

Step 2: Tap on “Updates” to check all the pending updates of your apps. To install the latest updated version of Facebook, click on the “Update” button displayed adjacent to it.

update android facebook app

Fix 6: Delete Facebook Cache on Your Android Device

Facebook cache files stores all your actions, such as the Facebook pages you have visited and clicked. Moreover, it keeps the data of your media files and links you have opened in this app. However, sometimes these Facebook cache files take up all the storage space on your device and eventually slow down the performance of your app. So, you should clear your Facebook cache ideally whenever you encounter Facebook Pay not working:

Step 1: On your Android device, open your “Settings” by clicking on it. Scroll down the Android settings and access the “Apps” tab.

access apps options

Step 2: After that, click on the “Manage Apps” option and then locate “Facebook” in it. Select its “Storage” option and tap on “Clear Data.” Wait for some time, and all your Facebook cache files will be removed.

clear the fb app cache

Fix 7: Check Location Settings of Facebook

Some apps demand permission to your location to enable the users with some features. It may be possible that you have not given permission to access your location in the settings of Facebook Pay. Due to this, you can face problems in running the Facebook Pay feature correctly. To change the location settings of Facebook, follow the below steps:

For iPhone Users

Step 1: Go to your “Settings” app and then scroll down to click on “Facebook app.

tap on facebook app

Step 2: After clicking on Facebook, tap on “Location” and then turn on the option called “While Using the App.” This will give access to your location while using the Facebook app.

select while using the app option

For Android Users

Step 1: Open the “Settings” of your phone and scroll down to locate the option “Apps.”

select apps option

Step 2: After clicking on Apps, tap on “Permissions” to open its menu. Now click on “Location” to modify the settings of the location access.

access permissions settings

Step 3: Click on “Facebook” among other apps and then tap on “Allow only while in use” to give it access to your location.

enable allow only option

Fix 8: Remove and Add Facebook Pay Method

Another possible reason that your Facebook Pay is not working can be an error in your payment method. For this, try to remove and add the Facebook Pay method to get rid of the glitches during the transaction. For this, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Navigate to your Messenger and open it by clicking on it. Tap on your “Profile” and scroll to the bottom to locate Facebook Pay.

select facebook pay feature

Step 2: On Facebook Pay, tap on “Add New Debit Card or PayPal.” Now you can either click on “Debit Card” or “PayPal” as your payment method. Add all the required information and click on the “Save” button.

select debit or paypal option

Fix 9: Navigate to Facebook Support

If you still cannot get rid of the error by trying and implementing all the mentioned solutions, then you should contact Facebook Support. You can visit Facebook Help Center Page to report your issue in detail so that they can get rid of it through technical means.

contact facebook support

Fix 10: Utilize Facebook Pay Alternatives

If you still cannot resolve the issue of the Facebook Pay error, it’s time to shift towards possible alternatives for the payment. There are several payment options and platforms that offer the same secured and seamless environment for online transactions.

For instance, you can visit Google Pay or PayPal, which are highly reliable platforms and used worldwide for their provided security. Other possible alternatives to Facebook Pay are Apple Pay. Venmo, Wise, and Payoneer. All these platforms are well-trusted and recognized and offer the same facilities that Facebook Pay provides to users.

different online payment methods