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5 ways to fix an Xbox One controller that is blinking or flashing

There are a number of reasons why your Xbox One controller may be blinking or flashing. But if you see the controller blinking, the Xbox One controller most likely has a pairing issue.

Here’s how to troubleshoot issues with your Xbox One controller if it’s blinking or flashing.

Make sure your Xbox One controller is paired and in range

You might find that your Xbox One controller is blinking or flashing due to pairing issues. It may be paired to another console, be out of range of the console, or is attempting to be paired on a console that already has eight other paired controllers.

Quick tip: Xbox says the range for wireless controllers is 19 to 28 feet, but if your gaming setup is around walls, facing away from you, in a cabinet, or might experience interference from other nearby wireless devices, consider decreasing your range.

If the controller doesn’t seem to be reacting to your console at all, it may be connected to another Bluetooth device or console. To pair your controller back to your Xbox console if it was the last device you paired it to, double-press the pair button to have it switch the connection back.

You can also check how many paired controllers you have in the console’s settings in the Accessories menu under Devices & connections. Xbox One allows up to eight paired controllers, so if none are the one you’re currently using, you’ll need to sync one of the paired controllers to another device in order to free up a pairing slot.

Pair your Xbox One controller to your console again

To stop your Xbox One controller from blinking and pair it to your console, just press down on the pair button on your Xbox One console and then release it, and within 20 seconds, hold down the corresponding pair button on your controller.

The controller should flash more rapidly for a moment, then display a continuous light. When that happens, it’s paired.

Connect your Xbox One controller to your console with a micro USB cable

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To get rid of the blinking light on your Xbox One controller, you can also pair it with your console by connecting it via a physical micro USB cable.

Though this may not be preferable when compared to a wireless connection, connecting your Xbox One controller to your console should resolve all issues.

Check the batteries on your Xbox One controller

The flashing light on your Xbox controller may be an indication that it has a low battery.

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There are a couple of ways to charge your Xbox One controller’s batteries. That includes using a Play & Charge Kit, a micro USB cable, or a rechargeable battery pack. But you can also use standard AA batteries if those are what you have on hand.

If you know your batteries are fully charged and the light is still blinking, pop the batteries out, wait 15 seconds, and then put them back in to see if that fixes the issue.

Restart your Xbox One console or update your controller

If pairing your controller and checking the batteries doesn’t work, restart your Xbox One console by holding the power button for 10 seconds. Turn it back on, then try again.

You should also consider updating the firmware on your controller. While controllers made after June 2015 can update wirelessly, all Xbox One controllers can be updated using the USB cord that came with your console.

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