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Facebook Dating Is Showing Up? 11 Ways to Fix!

Part 3: How to Fix When Facebook Dating is Not Working or Showing Up?

Are you looking for effective solutions to this problem? Take a quick look at how to fix Facebook dating not working with this video. If you want to know more step details, please continue reading.

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Fix 1: Facebook Dating Feature Availability

The first cause that you are unable to reach the Facebook Dating feature can be its unavailability in your region. This feature was first got launched in 2018 in Colombia and later got introduced to some other countries. Check the below list of the countries/regions where the Facebook Dating feature can be accessed easily:

Fix 2: Facebook Dating Server is Down

If the Facebook Dating app server is down, then every individual would be facing the same issue. Due to some unidentified glitches in the Facebook Dating app, this feature shows problems while showing up. To resolve this issue, you can visit the website of Downdetector to check the current problems with the Facebook server. Users can check the issue they are facing accurately on this site easily.

check facebook server status

Fix 3: Check your Internet Connection

Always keep in mind that a slower internet connection can prevent your app from showing up. If the Facebook Dating page is struggling to load or show up, check your internet connection. Try to run or open other apps and evaluate whether they are working smoothly or not. If you face the same issue with other apps, there must be a problem with your internet connection. Connect your device to a strong and stable internet connection to use this app smoothly.

Fix 4: Turn on notifications for Facebook

In case you have turned off notifications for the Facebook app, you will not receive updates about Facebook Dating. Instead of disabling all Facebook notifications if they seem excessive, it is advisable to deactivate only the ones that are not of interest to you.

  • To manage your Facebook notifications, click on the menu within the app and navigate to Settings & privacy > Settings > Preferences > Notifications.

turn on notifications for facebook

Fix 5: Restart your Facebook App

To fix Facebook Dating not working, try to restart your Facebook Dating app for a fresh start. Read the below instruction to restart the Facebook Dating app on iPhone and Android devices:

iPhone Devices

  • For iPhone X and Latest Models: Swipe up from the bottom using your finger at your device’s homepage. It will pop up all the recently used apps on your screen. Tap on the Facebook Dating app from the displayed options and swipe it up to close it. Once done, go to the Facebook Dating app again to check the resolved issue.
  • For iPhone 8 and Earlier Models: Press your Home button twice firmly to display all the used apps on your screen. Locate the Facebook Dating app among other apps and swipe it up to close it. Head back to this app and check if the problem got resolved or not.

close facebook app

Android Devices

You can see the small box icon on your home screen that is used to open all the used apps on the screen. Click on this icon and find the Facebook Dating app from the given options. To close this app, swipe it right from your finger. Now access this app again from your phone to check if the error got resolved or not.

force quit facebook app

Fix 6: Restart your Device

Restarting the device is the most common fix to get rid of any unidentified glitch or error. This fix can also be implemented if you are facing difficulties in opening the Facebook Dating feature. Learn how to restart Android and iPhone devices to eradicate the problem in the Facebook Dating app.

iPhone Devices

  • For iPhone 8 and Newer Models: Press and release the “Volume Up” button from your finger first. Now quickly press and release the “Volume Down” button carefully. Afterward, press and hold the “Power” button of your phone till you can see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • For iPhone 7 Model: Press and hold both “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons at the same time. Hold both of these buttons carefully until an Apple logo is displayed on the screen.
  • For iPhone 6 and Older Models: Press and hold both of the “Home” and “Power” buttons at the same time. Hold these buttons until an Apple logo pop-up on your screen.

force restart iphone models

Android Devices

Navigate to the “Power Slider” button on your Android device to start the process. Press and hold this button until the option called “Restart/Reboot” displays on your screen. Tap on this option which will instantly shut down your phone. Wait for a few seconds, and your phone will be restarted successfully.

reboot your android device

Fix 7: Update your Facebook App

Make sure that you are using the latest and updated version of the Facebook Dating app. If not, you will be facing various issues that will prevent you from accessing the latest upgraded features of this app. To update the Facebook Dating app, read the below instruction:

iPhone Devices

Step 1: Locate the App Store on your phone and open its home page. From there, tap on your “Profile” icon from the top right corner.

open iphone app store

Step 2: After opening up your profile, you can see all the updates of the applications that are outdated. Check the pending update of Facebook and tap on the “Update” button to install its latest version successfully.

initiate facebook update process

Android Devices

Step 1: Locate the Play Store on your Android device and tap to open it Access your profile menu and from there, select the option “Manage Apps and Updates.”

open manage apps settings

Step 2: Now, choose the option “Updates” to see all the updates on the outdated apps. If you find the pending update on Facebook, click on the “Update” button displayed right next to it.

update your facebook app

Fix 8: Clear Facebook Cache

Sometimes, the app caches data on Android devices, causing hurdles in the functionality of the Facebook Dating app. The cache data can take up your storage and can negatively impact the performance of your app. To clear the Facebook cache on Android devices easily, read the below steps.

Step 1: Go to the “Settings” of your phone and open its menu. From the displayed options, choose “Apps” by tapping on it.

tap on apps settings

Step 2: After choosing “Apps,” select “Manage Apps” and then select “Facebook.” Tap on its “Storage” option and select “Clear Cache.” With this single click, you will erase all the Facebook cache on your phone.

clear facebook app data

Fix 9: Clear Device Cache and Unused Data

Many times the device cache and unused data fill up the storage of our phone. Also, some deleted files stay on our devices as cache data and generate disruption in the usage of installed applications. To clear this unused data along with the device cache, use Dr.Fone – Data Eraser (iOS/Android). This tool is supported by iPhone and Android devices with the best processing speed. Before deleting the unwanted files or apps, you can preview them using this tool easily.

The user interface is extremely simple and easy so any beginner can access this platform without any hesitation. The deleted data will be erased permanently, and nobody can recover them again. The whole process is simple, and with just a single click, you can get away with the device cache and unwanted data. Moreover, by erasing all the unnecessary data, you can optimize the performance of your devices to a great level.

dr.fone mobile toolkit solution

Fix 10: Uninstall and Reinstall Facebook App

Another suitable solution for Facebook Dating not working that you can try is by deleting and reinstalling the Facebook Dating app. By uninstalling it from your phone, you can get rid of the hidden glitches effectively. Afterward, you can reinstall it again to use it normally. Use the following steps to execute this process.

iPhone Devices

Step 1: Tap and hold your Facebook app until you see the small menu of “Options.” On this small menu, select the option called “Remove App” to uninstall the Facebook app.

remove ios facebook app

Step 2: After the uninstallation, head to the App Store and enter the name of Facebook on its search box. Click on the “Cloud” icon to download it again on your phone.

reinstall facebook app

Android Devices

Step 1: On your home screen, tap and hold the Facebook app until the option “Uninstall” appears. Select this option from your finger to instantly delete this application.

select uninstall option

Step 2: Now navigate to the Play Store and search the Facebook app. Tap on “Install” to download it on your device again.

tap on install button

Fix 11: Contact the Facebook Help Center

If you’re still unable to access Facebook Dating and no one else seems to be experiencing issues with the service, it might be time to contact Facebook’s technical support team.

  • To do so, open the Facebook app, shake your device, or click on the three-line menu icon and navigate to Help & support > Report a problem, and then select Report a Problem.

contact facebbok for help