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5 Reasons Why Your Front Camera Might Not Be Working

Phone cameras have become increasingly advanced with every new update of the device. The iPhone 11 Pro Max, for example, has four different cameras. We use our phones to take pictures of just about everything, but one of the most common types of photos is selfies. Ever tried to take a picture of yourself just to find out that your iPhone 11 front camera is not working? Here are five reasons why that might be the case as well as where to find iPhone repair near me.

1. App Issues

It may not be the actual iPhone 11 front camera that is broken at all. It may be the camera app that is having problems. You can test this by going to another app that takes photos, like Snapchat, and seeing if the front-facing camera is working there. If so, your camera app has a problem. You can probably fix it by closing the app or restarting your phone. Either of these ways of force closing the app and then booting it up again usually works. iPhone front camera not working still? Make sure your iPhone is updated to the newest iOS. You could also completely reset your phone, but this would delete all of your data, so it’s probably not worth it. If none of these work, it may be the iPhone 11 front camera not working, not just the camera app.

2. Storage Is Full

If no version of your phone camera is working, it may be because your storage is full. You should get a notification that this is the case, but it is easy to close pop-ups like these without actually reading them. Clearing out your storage should allow you to take photos again. You can do this by deleting photos, messages, apps, or other data stored to your phone. Make sure to erase pictures from the recently deleted folder if you go the photo route. Otherwise, you aren’t actually making any progress.

3. Cracked Screen

We’ve all felt that moment of panic when we accidently hurl our smartphones towards the ground. Sometimes this turns out fine; other times, not so much. If your screen is visibly cracked on the top, it might make the iPhone 11 front camera not work properly or at all. This could be because the lens is cracked, so you can’t take clear photos. Even worse, the camera itself may be damaged internally. The only way to fix this is to get the lens, camera, or whole phone replaced.

4. Metal Case

This probably is the last thing you’d think to try, but does your camera work with your case off of your phone? If so, it might be made of a material that is interfering with the function of the iPhone 11 front camera. Cases made of metal or similar materials can have this effect. Other times a case may not fit the phone right. It could then slip down over the front-facing camera and make it seem like it doesn’t work.

5. Internal Problem

Is your iPhone front camera not working after you’ve tried everything? It may have internal damage. If your phone has ever been dropped in water or even just left in a very humid place, water could have gotten inside and damaged the camera. Extreme heat or cold can have similar effects. You’ll need to take it to get repaired.

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