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Why is My Windows Computer Screen Sideways?

Sometimes, life seems to just go sideways, doesn’t it? Everything will be running smoothly and then BAM! Sideways. The same thing can happen to your computer screen and is quite freaky the first time it happens to you. When this lovely little mystery showed up on my own laptop, I stared at it for probably thirty seconds. I had zero words going through my head. No fixes. No ideas. Just… realizing my laptop either had been possessed or was dying a final death.

Obviously, I snapped out of it and started to research. I breathed easily the second I realized how common this is and how simple it is to fix.

What Causes a Screen to Go Sideways?

Honestly, the only “correct” answer here is that you most likely hit a combination of keys you did not mean to. This then resulted in a change of your display or orientation settings. Windows is versatile and wonderful, but definitely has its quirks. Using a laptop all of the time, I cannot begin to tell you how many weird things I end up doing because my arms get tired, slowly drift to rest on the edge and start hitting random key combos.

The most important thing to know here is how to fix it, right? There are a few different things you can do, so let’s start with the easiest first.

How to Fix Sideways Computer Screen Using CTRL, ALT and Arrow Keys

First, try holding down your CTRL, ALT and Arrow UP keys all at once. This should solve the problem for you instantly. If it does not and the screen is still turned in a direction it should not be or only turns itself partway, use the CTRL, ALT and other arrow keys until it turns right-side up again.

How to Fix the Sideways Screen by Changing Orientation

The first thing you will need to do is right-click anywhere on your desktop, and choose ”Display Settings”.

Scroll down the page slightly until you find where it says ”Orientation” in the choices on the right.

Why is My Windows Computer Screen Sideways?

If ”Landscape” is not selected choose it now. This should fix the issue. If it does not, let us move along to the next method!

How to Fix Sideways Screens by Changing Graphics Settings

Graphic card settings can change themselves at times – I swear it! I promise it has happened to me, and no one will convince me otherwise. Checking these settings next is an excellent idea.

Right-click on your desktop again. This time, I want you to scroll down and choose ”Graphics”. From the box that slides open on the right, select ”Rotation”.

Why is My Windows Computer Screen Sideways?

The next box that pops out to the right will allow you to make triple sure that the very top option is selected, which is ”Rotate to 0 Degrees”. If it is not, then click on it now.

What Happens if My Screen is Still Sideways?

This will rarely happen, thankfully. If the issue still persists after all of the above things have been tried, you will need to perform a quick System Restore.

Click on your ”Start” button and type in ”System Restore” When the system box opens, you will usually only see one restore point listed. At the bottom-left corner, place a checkmark in the box that says ”Show more restore points”. Once they are all listed, click on the latest restore point that was created BEFORE the sideways screen issue began. Now, just click on ”Next” and then ”Finish”. The process does not take long, and your issue has now been resolved.

Why is My Windows Computer Screen Sideways?

Keep in mind that any drivers, updates or apps installed since that restore point will now be gone. However, none of your files will be touched.

Have you had to deal with a sideways screen? Which method fixed things up for you?

As always… happy computing!