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Handy Fixes to Try If Your phone Won’t Turn on

It can be a worst nightmare if your phone won’t turn on. Because these days, not just our personal and social lives, but professional lives also rely on a phone. So, the panic is sure to set in if you discover that your phone is just not starting.

There’re contact numbers of your close friends and colleagues that you cannot recall now. There’re pictures and videos from your dreamy holidays and birthday parties, and also the important chats and messages, which you do not have any backup for. When the phone won’t turn on, you realize of those crucial information saved in your phone.

There can be two possible reasons for your android phone that won’t turn on. It can either be because of any hardware failure or there are some issues with the phone software. Hardware issues would be challenging to deal on your own, since they may necessitate replacement or repair of hardware parts. But the glitch on the software part can be tackled on your own in quite many cases.

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All you need to is trying these fixes, instead of being panic, if your phone won’t turn on

1]Charge the phone for 15-20 minutes: It is not entirely unlikely that your phone is out of battery. You may have charged it recently but it may still have run out of power. In any case, it is a good idea to just put your phone on charge for a few minutes and then try turning it on. You would be surprised to learn that a good number of panic-stricken people get their issues resolved by this small but extremely significant fix.

2] Try using a Different Cable or Charger: The cable connected to your phone and power charger may have malfunctioned. In such a scenario, your phone won’t get charged even if you plug in the charger for several minutes. So, you must find a spare cable (or a cable of any other person in your family or neighborhood), and try using it just to double-check where the problem lies.

3] Check If the Battery is Receiving Power: Now the next step is to see if the battery is the culprit in this case. Plug your phone into the charger and then wait for a minute or two. Is the battery icon appearing on the screen? If yes, then the battery is fine. If no, then scour for a small red dot flashing on the screen. This red dot means the battery is almost dead and you need to charge it up to revive the phone. If even this red light is not there, chances are your battery is completely dead and needs to be replaced immediately.

4] Long-press the power button: At times, the phone gets hanged or frozen. In such a scenario too, your phone will not get on. An easy solution will be to long-press the power button to reboot the system. Rebooting is particularly effective if some third-party app or software is the reason why your phone is not starting.

5] Take out the battery and reinsert it: Another DIY trick is to take out the battery from your phone (if your phone has a removable battery) and then reinsert it. Once you have reinserted the battery, you can reboot and see.

6] Resort to Factory settings: There is a recovery mode when you reboot. This takes you back to factory settings. It is pretty effective in case your device gets on, but is not making past the boot process.

Note: Factory reset will remove the existing malware, virus, and most of the issues caused by apps & software. But it will also remove all data from your phone’s internal memory. So you better take the data backup beforehand. An alternative will be to take it to a professional mobile phone repair expert who will help you to save your data if possible.

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7] Take it to the Service Centre: There can be issues that a layman may not be very confident about. Some more complicated software damages will necessitate an expert probe. A non-technician person may do more harm than good if he/she tries to tinker with the phone’s system software on his/her own. So, at this point, it will be advised to head to a service centre and get the job performed by a professional. Make sure you choose to go to the authorized service center for quality repair at best price.

The Internet offers plenty of such solutions. They might work if your phone hasn’t got any major issues. But if there is any major glitch, these methods may not work. Experts like CarlCare come to your rescue during such trying times.

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