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8 ways to fix a Chromebook that won't turn on

  • If your Chromebook won’t turn on, the issue could be as simple as a faulty charger, or more complex, like hardware issues.
  • The troubleshooting methods you take will depend on if your Chromebook’s completely dead or if it keeps crashing.
  • If all else fails, you may be able to have your computer serviced by a professional.

Having a computer that won’t turn on, or keeps crashing, is extremely frustrating. If you have a Chromebook, there are a few reasons why your device might be having issues, and a few possible solutions. You just have to know where to start.

Here’s a guide to help you through it.

Why your Chromebook won’t turn on

The source of your Chromebook’s malfunction may be:

  • The charger
  • Internal hardware
  • External hardware
  • Chrome OS

How to fix a Chromebook that won’t turn on

Before you buy a new Chromebook altogether, try the below methods to see if you can resolve the issue yourself.

Check the charger

If your Chromebook isn’t turning on, your charger might be the cause. There are a few ways to address this:

  • Check that the charging light, located near the charging port, is on when hooked up.
  • Try switching to a different charger.
  • Leave your Chromebook to charge for a few hours and then try turning it on again.

Restart or hard reset your Chromebook

Sometimes all you need is a quick restart, by holding down the power button, to get you going again.

But you may need to do a hard reset, which clears your computer’s memory and caches. This works best when you can turn on your Chromebook but the screen remains black. To get it done, hold the Refresh key and Power button at the same time.

Disconnect external devices

If you have external devices, like a USB, plugged into any ports on your Chromebook, those can interfere with the booting up process. Removing them might be all you need to do to fix the problem.

Sign in to a different user account

Sometimes syncing issues between your Google account and Chromebook can make it impossible to log in. So signing in with a different account can be the solution.

Delete unneeded apps

If your Chromebook is turning on but keeps crashing every time you try to use it, there may be an issue with recently installed apps. In that case, deleting, or “uninstalling,” those apps can help.

You can uninstall apps from the right-click menu.

Update your software

If you haven’t updated your Chrome OS in a while, it may be causing your computer to crash. You can update your Chromebook software by going into your Settings and going into About Chrome OS.

Open the Chrome OS page.

Important: You’ll have to be connected to WiFi to update your operating system.

Factory reset your Chromebook

Changing your Chromebook back to its original settings may help it run smoothly again:

1. Click on the clock in the bottom-right corner of your screen and select Sign out.

Click “Sign Out.”

2. Hold Control + Alt + Shift + r.

3. Choose Restart. A box will then appear on your screen.

4. Click Powerwash and then Continue.

5. Follow the steps as directed and sign in with your Google Account.

Note: The account you sign in with after you do the factory reset will be the new owner account of your Chromebook.

Get your Chromebook serviced

If nothing else works, you may want to turn over your Chromebook to let the professionals handle the issue. All Google devices purchased from the Google Store are under a limited warranty — in which case repairs can be free.

Quick tip: You can check the status of your warranty here. If you’re covered, you can start a claim by visiting mydeviceprotect.com. Just make sure you have your device’s serial number handy.